Russian President Vladimir Putin is awaiting official results before congratulating the winner of the US presidential election, the Kremlin announced today.

- In our opinion, it is good practice to expect official results.

I want to remind you that President Putin has repeatedly said he respects the choice of the American people, Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Russian presidential administration, told reporters.

Many heads of state in the world have already congratulated Joe Biden after he took the insurmountable leadership of Donald Trump in the counting of votes in the presidential election.

Russia’s election chief reflects Trump’s campaign message

The postal vote in the U.S. presidential election has paved the way for massive electoral fraud, Russia's election chief Ella Pamfilova said according to news agency Tassi.

Pamfilova’s statement reflects the rhetoric of President Donald Trump’s campaign.

Trump has refused to acknowledge his loss to Joe Biden and has tried to raise doubts about the election result, albeit without evidence.