The Åland club Åland United celebrates the national football league championship.

United settled its championship in an exciting final round, in which it knocked down Espoo Honga 3-1.

Hongan's Tiia Savolainen scored the opening goal, but Rosa Maria Herreros, Shannon Simon and Emelie Johansson brought victory and the championship to Åland United with their goals.

The Finnish championship is the third in the history of the club founded in 2008.

On medals, it has been as many as nine times.

At the same time, Åland United grabbed the double championship, as it also won the Finnish Cup this season.

Tikkurila's Palloseura went into the final round in a tie with ÅU, although the TiPS goal difference was weaker.

TiPS remained in the 1-1 draw in the final round as a guest of KuPS.

TiPS got silver.

KuPS took bronze with a goal difference before HJK, who was left in the draws.

At the base, Ilves saved his series place by winning the PK-35 Helsinki 1–0.

TPS dropped from the series.

JyPK prunes against relegation.

JyPK will receive VIFK in the qualifiers.