Lewis Hamilton, 35, who had dominated the F1 series in recent years, was shocked after Sunday’s Imola GP by admitting that the retreat from the racetracks at the end of this season has been in the minds of the British superstar.

“I don’t even know if I’m here next year, so it doesn’t make me think at the moment,” Hamilton said, according to RaceFans, when asked about the uncertain future plans for Mercedes stable boss Toto Wolff.

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    "I don't know if I'll be here next year"

Former F1 driver and Mika Salo, who is now a commentator on C More's formula broadcasts and on the Jury of F1 races, reveals that Hamilton, who is rushing towards his seventh world championship, has also talked about possible retirement in private discussions.

    - It wasn't the first time this year that he says the same thing.

    I’m not going to speculate on what Lewis thinks, but he’s said it quite often this year, just to me personally somewhere in between, Salo says.

    In the second race in Portugal, Hamilton surpassed Michael Schumacher’s record of unbeaten 92 races, and even in the number of championships, the 35-year-old super talent will soon rise alongside Schumacher.

    While the record falls after another, Salo doesn’t think finding motivation would be a problem for Hamilton.

    - It's always nice to win, you don't get tired of it.

    As long as there is the best car, then why not continue, Salo says.

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    In Imola, Hamilton again displayed his incomprehensible skills.

    The third Briton drove the magical rounds of the wholesale after his teammate Valtteri Bottas and Red Bull's Max Verstappen, who were at the forefront, visited the depot.

    Photo: Miguel Medina / AFP / Magazine photo

    When, in addition to this, Hamilton had a fabulous fortune with a virtual safety car that hit the depot stop completely, the British star rose to the top and the game was clear.

    - Unfortunately for Valtter, it happened about once again.

    It’s very hard to say who should blame it, Lewis just drove a hell of a lot.

    After Valtteri and Max had gone to the depot, Lewis drove absolutely insane good laps, time and time again, time trial lap, time trial lap, time trial lap ... he basically won the race in it, Salo states.

    Lewis Hamilton above and Valtteri Bottas after, as so many times before. Image: Dppi / LPS / ZUMA Press

    Perhaps the most impressive stage of Hamilton’s ferocious Kirin was seen when his Mercedes reached the hose of a multi-lap car.

    Despite the obstacles, Hamilton was able to stack wild lap times on the board, and Bottas was not allowed to tear any further difference with his teammate.

    - It was absolutely amazing how quickly he got past everything.

    Well pulled, can not do anything.

    Quite deservedly, he is about to be a seven-time world champion.

    Yes, it is clear that he is the best.

    Hamilton has a chance to secure his seventh world championship in Turkey on 15.11.

    in the 14 races of the season.

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