In Russia, another murder of an influential businessman in a sauna is being investigated in a short time.

Vladimir Marugov, 54, known as the king of sausages, was killed late Sunday night in the sauna of his own house in a residential area in Istria, favored by a wealthier crowd outside Moscow.

Just over a week ago, the influential Vyborg businessman Aleksandr Petrov, who fell victim to a sniper at his Säkkijärvi villa, was killed in his own sauna.

Marugov's killers used a leg spring as their weapon.

According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, a foot or arm spring can be bought freely from Russia without special licensing procedures at its cheapest for only about 10,000 rubles, or a little over a hundred euros.

According to preliminary data, the killers would have come to Marugov's house with intent to rob.

The attackers are said to have surprised Marugov and his current cohabitant from the sauna and started demanding hidden cash in the house for themselves.

It is still common in Russia for businessmen to have a lot of cash and valuables in storage in their homes.

The attackers are said to have tied Marugov and this open wife with a rope, but at some point the wife had managed to break free of her ties.

The wife had run to a neighbor to alert for help, but in the meantime, the men who had tried to robbery had already had time to escape.

Later, the car used by the attackers was found abandoned and the foot spring they used was also found there.

There was nothing left to do to save Marugov when the alarmed aid arrived on the scene.

Marugov's murder has attracted a great deal of attention in Russia, as his family has been much in public in the past.

Marugov divorced his first wife seven years ago.

The ex-wife has since given several interviews in which she has accused her husband of confiscating property divorced in divorce.

A year ago, the ex-couple was already facing one tragedy when their only common son, Aleksandr, 25, died in a car accident in Moscow.

Aleksandr Marugov rode his motorcycle on the promenade in the center of Moscow and collided with the side of a taxi that had made a U-turn.

Marugov's divorce was based on infidelity and a new spouse.

Recently, Marugov is said to have been in financial difficulties and was indebted and in dispute with several different parties.

He had transferred his assets to the names of his new open wife, and the former billionaire had recently been declared bankrupt.

The Russian Committee of Inquiry released a picture of a car abandoned by the killers of Vladimir Marugov and a box with foot springs. Image: Russian Committee of Inquiry

The Russian commission of inquiry said on Monday that it had already managed to arrest one person suspected of murder.

It is assumed that there were at least two factors.

An escape car abandoned by the attackers and a foot spring inside it have also been found.

News agency Interfax, for its part, said the arrested would be Marugov’s ex-wife’s current partner.

This information has not been officially confirmed.

- She is from Kazakhstan and has a close relationship with Marugov's ex-spouse.

He denies his guilt, a source interviewed by Interfax said anonymously.

According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, the killers would have tortured Marugov by firing him with a foot bow so that the first arrow was not fatal.

The deadly arrow would have been shot only after that in the chest.

It has been reported in the Russian media that at the time of his death, Marugov's house was apparently also occupied by his mother, stepfather, housekeeper and son born of Marugov's new union.

None of them noticed any of the events in the sauna building, and the alleged robbery entrepreneurs reportedly did not visit the main building at all.

It is also unclear why the house’s video surveillance and alarm system was not on during the attack.

Around the house is a Russian-style supporting fence and there is no information as to whether the killers got inside the plot by climbing over it or whether the fence gate was unlocked.

According to the Life site, one version of the researchers relates to the assumption that the murder was not related to a robbery attempt, but was possibly a pay murder.

Criminal investigators are now investigating the backgrounds of both current and ex-wives, the relationships of the entire family, and the alibis of business partners who have been at odds with Marugov.

Marugov worked in real estate and construction, as well as in computer software and alcohol sales.

However, he has acquired his greatest reputation and fortune in the meat processing industry.

Russia has already begun to consider whether the killings of Petrov and Marugov are signs that the mafia-style redistribution of wealth and influence of the 1990s is beginning to resume in the country.

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One of Marugov’s attempts is called Ozeretsk Sausages and the other is known as the Meat Empire, which is why he was sometimes called the Sausage King and sometimes the Meat King.

One of his company's hit products is called Finnish salami.

The Finnish salami brand has a nostalgic reputation in Russia, as the sausage used under this name was sold in the Soviet Union as a great delicacy and was considered to be of higher quality than other sausages.

Some of the sausages sold in the Soviet Union had actually been imported from Finland, but since then the country has also developed its own Finnish salamis in the same way as Russian mash sausage made in Finland is currently sold in Finland.