Dallas Stars Finnish star Miro Heiskanen was chosen as the 10th best defender of the NHL on the league's official website.

The choice was made by the site's editors.

Analyst Ken Daneyko said of 21-year-old Heiskane:

- He will win the Norris Prize in the future, I have no doubt about that.

He is only evolving further.

He adapts to the way his team plays.

No one is a sleeker skater than Heiskanen.

She's like silk.

This year, the Norris vertical to be awarded to the best Pak got Roman Josi from Nashville.

Josi, 30, was only second on the NHL website listings, with Victor Hedman of Tampa Bay Lightning rated the best, and the 29th Uotsman was chosen as the most valuable player in the Stanley Cup finals.

Heiskanen got more glory in the second story on the NHL pages, where experts were asked who the best defenders of the sound will be in three seasons.

Heiskanen's name was raised to the list of most likely names with five other players.

- In the next three seasons, Heiskanen will not only be nominated for the Norris finalist, but he will also win the award, reporter Mike G. Morreale believes.

The season that ended with Heiskanen’s Stanley Cup finals was fantastic.

He scored 35 points in 68 regular season matches.

In the playoffs, he set a point record for the Dallas defenders with 26 power pounds in 27 matches.