Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese grandmother who missed the previous four games of the Italian football club Juventus due to his coronavirus infection, returned to the field on Sunday - and effectively.

Ronaldo came on the scoreboard and scored two goals when Juventus beat away rider Spezian 4-1.

Ronaldo Dybala tied the game at 1 - 1 after 56 minutes.

Just three minutes later, Juventus was already in the lead when Ronaldo finished.

His second goal was scored after 76 minutes.

The victory was the second field taken for Juventus in Serie A this season.

Of its six games, it has three draws and three wins, with one win coming from a surrender after Naples refused to travel to Turin due to coronavirus infections.

My other football icon and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who recovered from the corona, was also on the move.

The Swedish top acrobatic "half scissor kick" brought AC Milan a 2-1 win over Udines.

Ibrahimovic have scored seven goals in four of their league games, while Milan has already played 24 consecutive losing matches since last season, including all competitions.