The BBC reported on Saturday the grief news of the death of Scottish actor Sean Connery, 90.

The star’s son, Jason Connery, tells the BBC his father died while sleeping.

According to the boy, the family has spent time in Nassau, Bahamas, where the star has a home.

- He had been ill for some time.

It was a sad day for everyone who knew and loved my father, and this is a great loss to the people who enjoyed his acting, Jason Connery tells the BBC.

Sean Connery, who had a long career on the big screen, was the last film released in 2003 by the Gentlemen's League.

Connery officially announced his retirement in 2006 when he received the U.S. Film Institute Lifetime Achievement Award.

After retiring, Connery focused on her favorite hobby of golf.

In recent years, stars have been seen very rarely in public.

Sean Connery made her last public appearance in August 2017. At the time, Connery was seen in the US Open audience watching Roger Federer and Frances Tiafoe play.

People magazine says the actor was really surprised when the cameras turned to shoot the star.

The theme music of the James Bond films was echoed in the air, which made Connery rejoice.

The broadly smiling star greeted the audience and seemed delighted by the surprise arranged for him.

The actor's legend was surprised at the tennis match when his picture appeared on the screen and James Bond's logo music played in the air. Photo: Javier Rojas

At the time, Twitter rejoiced that fans were able to see Connery after a long break.

- How happy she looks!

- What a legend.

He seems to be comfortable retiring, Twitter rejoiced.

- Let him look well.

- But where's Moneypenny?

fans joked.

Sean Connery photographed in New York in September 2017. Photo: EAGLEPRESS / MVPhotos

According to British media, Connery has numerous homes around the world, but the star spent most of her retirement years in New York and the Bahamas.

According to the Daily Mail, a home on the island of New Provence was especially dear to Connery.

In 2019, the Bahamas was plagued by Hurricane Dorian, and at that time, actress legend told the Daily Mail that he was lucky that his home was not destroyed.

- My wife and I are lucky compared to many others.

We were preparing for a hurricane, so everything was ready.

We left nothing to chance, we knew how to act, Connery told the Daily Mail in September 2019.