On May 26, 1903, only 19-year-old Johan Petter Räsänen was in front of a new one.

The passenger ship SS Mayflower had landed safely in Boston Harbor, Massachusetts, USA.

Early spring had been more stormy than usual, albeit exceptionally warm.

SS Mayflower and his passengers left Liverpool, England, stopped the next day in Queenstown, Ireland, and finally arrived in Boston eight days later.

The whole of Räsänen's new family was on board, except for his father.

Matti Räsänen had already gone west a year earlier.

His trip from Liverpool to Canada lasted nine days and ended in Quebec.

Archived passenger lists and entry applications tell of the family’s arrival in the United States.

Johan was the oldest child in his family, born in Tuusjärvi, Northern Savonia.

He had had time to have twins as his siblings until Johanna's mother had passed away.

Matti's father had found new happiness with Stina Lipponen and had three more children: William, Meuna and Ivar.

He was also used to moving.

After leaving Tuusjärvi, the new family's home had been located in Nilsiä and Lappvesi before crossing the Atlantic.

In his new homeland, Johan also met the Finnish Anna Marie Isaacson Jokela, who had arrived in America with her family from Kauhajoki ten years earlier.

Anna, the eldest of a family of eight, had settled with her family in the state of Michigan.

The father, Samuel Isaac's son Vataja-Koski, had changed the family's surname to Isaacson Jokela, which is more easily used in the United States.

Perhaps the name used by his father, Iisakki Iisakinpoja Vataja-Koski, from Ala-Havus in Kauhajoki, as his surname, no longer felt his own.

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The Finnish roots united a young couple in Houghton, a small town at the northwestern tip of Michigan, right on the Canadian border, known for its copper mines.

Houghton was one of the many North American cities that Finnish families headed to in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Anna and Johan, now known as John, soon told each other a will and settled into their fields.

Johan became a firefighter in his new homeland.

He and his wife had six children, one of whom was named Sadie Heljä Viola Räsänen.

Sadie Räsänen was born in Detroit on May 9, 1921. The day was Monday, the second of the summer.

Räsänen married another immigrant, Scottish Thomas Hamilton.

The young couple moved to California, where they were blessed in 1941 with only one child, Janet Ann Hamilton.

Based on the name, Janet would no longer have a Finnish background.

Janet Hamilton’s life was as turbulent as the world was during World War II.

He married three, most recently with Richard Owen Mann of California.

Eventually, Janet Mann was left single with the baby cat.

The unions gave birth to a total of six children, the youngest of whom was at the turn of spring winter and spring 1972. The girl was named Leslie Jean Mann, possibly after her grandfather’s Scottish roots.

Hollywood star Leslie Mann's family roots lead to Lake Tuusjärvi in ​​Southern Savonia. Photo: Danny Moloshok / Reuters

Janet died of breast cancer in June 2007, just a few weeks after her 66th birthday.

For the same illness for which his mother Sadie had died on a similar June day ten years earlier.

Meanwhile, the family pit had made his last name world famous, even though he never met his father, Leslie Mann.

The roots of the Mann family reach back to the 16th century.

The first record can be found in Tynius Hansson Havunen Panula, born in 1593, who served as Panula's host from 1645–1661.

Terhi Panula, an actress from the same branch, also knows about the comprehensive history of the Panula family.

Their common link can be found five generations ago: Terhi Panula's great-grandmother Amalia Iisakintytär Ala-Havunen and Leslie Mann's great-grandfather Iisakki Vataja-Koski were siblings to each other.

Terhi Panula is the daughter of conductor Jyrki Panula and actress Helena Haavisto. Photo: Anna Huovinen

The same Isaac Vataja-Koski, whose son Samuel rejected after changing his family name to America.

The same man whom Johan Petter Räsänen, who came to the United States as a young man in 1903, fell in love with Anna Marie's daughter.

- That is, a very distant relative, Panula updates the other end of the phone and states that he did not know his American colleague before the investigation and the kinship it revealed.

- My son's girlfriend would enlighten me about it.


 I would like to invite him to Finland, because we are both still in working life.

So welcome!

Let's go fishing.

In 1996, Hollywood star Jim Carrey inched Leslie Mann to resemble Marlene Dietrich.

The duo starred in one film, The Electric Plumber, the first full-length film of Mann’s career.

The work, which later rose to a cult reputation, was significant for the young actor in other respects as well - Mann met her husband and father of two daughters, producer-director Judd Apatow, in its filming.

After that, Leslie Mann became one of the standard faces of Hollywood comedy films. and Blockers (2018).

Leslie Mann with her family in December 2018. Daughters also create careers as actressesPhoto: Monica Almeida / Reuters

Terhi Panula is amused by the idea of ​​similarity.

The actor, who grew up in a family of artists and had a significant and long career at the National Theater, notes in an almost accustomed tone how similarity is largely due to angle of view, lighting and styling.

- And of course, Panula points out.

Really close people may also remind each other because of their habits.

- Famous people can be studied through their history.

When I play another person, I try to find an identification surface in his behavior and motives that I can transfer to the stage, for example.

Leslie Mann made her breakthrough in the film Electric Plumber, also starring Jim Carrey. Photo: MVPhotos

Panula has become acquainted with the history of her own family, for example through her uncle Timo Panula, who is engaged in genealogy until the 17th century, but is always interested in learning something new.

The actor has spent an exceptional year at his cottage in the Porkkala archipelago, reading books and studying.

Peaceful quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of Helsinki, not to mention Hollywood.

- I would like to invite him to Finland, because we are both still in working life.

So welcome!

Let's go fishing, Panula throws and laughs warmly.

The long-line actor has become acquainted with history both through his family and his profession. Photo: Anna Huovinen

How is Genealogy Performed?

Successful genealogy often requires a touch of luck.

It is known to Katri Kuparinen, who set out to track down Leslie Mann's family branch to America.

Not all church books have been uploaded to the Internet at all.

Some have also disappeared or been destroyed over the centuries, including church fires.

- At the same time, pieces of history have been destroyed, Copper inches.

The last name of Räsäs flashes in Tuusniemi's hangover.

There is no quick google for doing genealogy.

Days of the month After working on the research, Kuparis had a pile of nearly 40 pages of information on the history of the Mann family.

He summed it up in 22 pages.

The most important points for this study, the genealogist emphasizes.

It all starts with finding the family home.

In this case, Kauhajoki, for example, turned out to be such.

In addition to digitized church books, information can also be found on various genealogy pages, some of which require membership.

The Finnish Genealogical Society maintains an archive from which digitized church books can be studied: among others, those born, dead, raped and married.

The latest information found in the search engine is from the 20th century.

The limit is based on the free use and publication of information as defined by the Church Act 100 years after its recording.

The overall picture begins to take shape when you combine your own findings and compare them with genealogy done by others.

- When you get far enough by following the genealogies, you will also start to find familiar names.

Following the similarities, well-known lineages and individuals may be found, such as, in this case, the connection between Terh and Leslie.

What about a touch of luck?

It was eventually found in the kinship between the Genealogist and Terhi Panula.

- It turned out that we are also related to Terh, albeit from afar.

We’ve actually been in touch since Copper rejoices.

Leslie Mann and her husband, film director Judd Apatow.

The couple married in 1997. Photo: Hubert Boesl / DPA / Zuma / MVPhotos