Erik Hamrén, the long-time coach of the Swedish national football team, admits that the national team's star player Zlatan Ibrahimovic teamed up with his teammate at the 2016 European Championships.

- Allegations of bullying have emerged.

Yes, there was a discussion between Zlatan and a player after the Italian game at the European Championships.

I finally had to step in and tell Zlatan that “now is enough”.

He quit, Hamrén commented, according to Aftonbladet on SVT's upcoming episode of the Skavlan program.

Hamrén confirms that the player taught by Ibrahimovic was Oscar Lewicki.

With 88 minutes played, Italian Eder put themselves up 1 - 0 after an attack from the right, caused by a defensive blunder.

- Zlatan slipped to Lewick.

There’s a lot of emotion and a huge amount of adrenaline after the game when the football team is stretched to the extreme.

If we had won Italy or got a point, we would have had reasonable seams to advance from the starting block.

Now we got 0-1 in the stash, so the emotions were on the surface, Hamrén recalls.

Sweden played in the tournament on an equal footing with Ireland and lost to Belgium in addition to Italy.

The games ended before the playoffs.

Hamrén was asked about the matter, as a month ago Olof Lundh published a revelation about the national team, in which Ibrahimovic was alleged to have bullied his national teammates.

A member of the national team staff, for his part, banged Aftonbladet after the book was published that the activities of the superstar could have been reported to the police.

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Hamrén did not want to comment to SVT on the allegations in the book.

- But I can comment on the allegations made in the media.

Those claims are not true.

First, the fact that Zlatan could have done what he wants on the national team is not true, by no means, Hamren notes.

- Instead, I have only positive things to say about situations where he has supported other players.

Hamrén left the helm of Sweden in 2016 and is currently coaching the Icelandic national team.

Ibrahimovic's National Team career ended at the 2016 European Championships.