- Now it's luck!

Mauri Hassinen, who pilots the Auction Hall in Turku, the LP Flea Market, the Furniture Market and the Auction Hall Hassi, still remembers the situation at the checkout a year ago.

A customer who came to Kirppis had found Oiva Toika's glass bird among the goods for sale.

The birds of the late designer Toika are familiar to all Finns, but some have become too common.

The price of this glass bird had also been reduced to a price tag of a few euros.

A dozen items, probably the seller thought.

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    Prices in thousands of euros

Fortunately for the buyer, however, that glass bird was anything but ordinary.

- It was an unsigned glass bird, one of the first to Toika.

The value of the found bird would have been about 300 euros, Mauri Hassinen says.

Toika birds can be found in different price categories, but for the most unique birds, the prices revolve in four-digit sums, up to 3000-5000 euros.

The possibility of a jumble discovery always exists

Making flea finds at flea markets has declined in recent years.

The reason is probably the increase in people's awareness.

Information about the right prices is distributed to the whole nation through the internet and TV shows.

According to Mauri Hassinen, the flea market hobby has also become more popular in Finland than before.

Timo Tamminen, an entrepreneur at Tuohitori Flea in Kokemäki, describes last summer as even record-breaking.

Korona did not expel customers, on the contrary.

Someone grabbed this piece of jewelry from a flea for four euros.

It was later revealed that it was a gold jewel worth at least about 1,500 euros. Photo: Tuohikirppis

There is always the possibility of bumpy finds when flirting around.

Tamminen recalls the incident from this year, when the customer found a beautiful piece of jewelry among the quantity of goods.

The purchase only lightened the purse by only four euros.

- Later, the customer said that according to the expert's assessment, it was at least about 1,500 euros worth of gold jewelry.

Another memorable case concerned the lamp of the world-famous Paavo Tynell, which was sold at a flea market at a mock price.

- It would have been worth thousands of euros.

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Value glass at a mock price

Heidi Airaksinen and Sirpa Bergström of Kirppis-Kellari in Forssa say that superfamilies were more common even ten years ago.

However, there is one product group that sellers still do not know how to price correctly.

- You see valuable glass sold occasionally very cheap, Airaksinen comments.

The sunglass bottle is called the most popular glass object in Finland.

Someone lucky found one for six euros. Photo: Joonas Salo / IS

Bergström recalls the case where Helena Tynell's Sunglass was sold for six euros.

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    Prices up to thousands of euros

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Erkkitapio Siiroinen's Locomotive Bottle and Kupittaan Saven Matti and Maija have also left for the sellers' eyes to new homes for a small fee, about vitos.

The prices of locomotive bottles usually range around 60 euros and Mati and Maija 80–100 euros.

- Sometimes this is also the case for gold jewelry.

They can go on sale at the price of a trinket, Airaksinen wonders.

Have you made a jumble find at a flea market?

Or have you put up a sale of valuables without realizing its true price?

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