The What You Eat program saw this time ex-alpine skier Kalle Palander, 43, whose lifestyle underwent a renovation with the help of wellness doctor Pippa Lauka.

Palander, who has learned his new healthier lifestyle for eight weeks, says he is nervous before the final weighing.

- It scares me crazy to meet Pippa when he's so tight, Palander laughs.

This is what Palander looked like before the lifestyle renovation.Photo: MTV3

However, the fears are futile, for Laukka rejoices to see the slender Palander.

- Wow!

Now there is a man in the stitch.

A real man's candy stepped up the stairs.

He was a mind-boggling knockout, Laukka praises the episode.

Palander after lifestyle renovation!

The slender man praises that the suit is now easier to catch. Photo: MTV3

Palander says he enjoyed his narrowed cheeks.

- It was a particularly great start, when the weight dropped so absurdly.

Five pounds in 10 days and a pound left my face right away.

The buttons on the vest haven’t closed in a few years and now you can afford it, Palander glows.

It soon becomes clear that Palander has shed nine pounds from the original 94.6.

per kilo.

12 cents have left the waist.

- It's time.

It could have been more, Palander notes after hearing the result.

Pippa Laukka praises Palander for his great performance. Photo: MTV3

Laukka also tells the ex-alpine skier happy news about his health.

- The age of blood vessels is currently 38 years, quite insane.

The fat percentage in the body composition measurement was 24.8, but now it is 18 percent, Laukka says.

Palander admits that despite the great results, there were many tears in the final stages.

- Didn't quite go into the tube for the whole eight weeks.

This end was pretty much like that.

A couple of days ago I pulled a pizza for lunch and dinner, Palander admits.

Alcohol also had to be drunk, even though it was not part of the new diet.

- It went to the fact that I first took a non-alcoholic beer in the sauna, nice to fool myself.

After a while, it was an alcoholic bisse.

However, it wasn’t the kind of tinting that spring was.

It’s nice to drink a steak with a glass of wine, Palander describes.

- Do you think you can use alcohol in moderation?

Gallop asks.

- I think so, Palander says.

Palander's diet before the lifestyle renovation received quite a bit of criticism from a wellness doctor. Photo: MTV3

Laukka believes the bounces were due to the fact that the former racing athlete first embarked on the project with too many teeth in his grin.

- Kalle has started to change his lifestyle too drastically, so at some point he has become tired, Laukka says.

- It's quite understandable that there was a small bang, Palanderkin says.

Nonetheless, he admits that slipping is a tough place for a man who has followed strict diets during sports.

- It hurt a lot in my heart, it was the first time in my life that I didn't follow it to the end.

I betrayed myself a little, Palander admits.

However, the project left a lot of good in addition to a narrowed waist and a lighter look.

- I have to give Pipa a big thank you for this, for getting us.

Everything healthy that tasted like a fist is pretty good now.

This has been awesome, Palander praises.

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