According to Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto (Green) and the government's foreign and security policy report published today, Thursday, Finland's security environment has changed in a more unstable direction, and the change is expected to be long-lasting.

- Quite a few people see an improvement in the situation from the Crimean occupation and the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Many things have happened and, unfortunately, they have not been for the better.

The government outlined its foreign and security policy in a report released today.

Haavisto commented on the report today, Thursday, about home quarantine as a result of a business trip to Kabul, Afghanistan.

The review, prepared jointly by the President and the Board, will be published once during the term.

The report states that the security situation in Finland and the neighboring areas of Europe is unstable and difficult to predict.

Although Finland is not facing a direct and immediate military threat, despite the intensification of the international situation, Haavisto says that it must be prepared for.

The report states that foreign, security and defense policy cooperation is taking place with Sweden in particular.

- Cooperation with other Nordic countries as well as EU and NATO countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, is important and in line with Finland's long-term foreign and security policy and is based on Finland's own political considerations, the report states.

According to it, the key to Finland's security is the continuation of NATO's open door policy, ie maintaining the possibility of membership open to countries that meet NATO requirements.

According to the report, a well-functioning neighborly relationship with Russia is also important for Finland.

Next, the foreign and security policy report will be submitted to Parliament.