Petra Olli, 26, who ended her wrestling career this year, posted a picture of her ear on Instagram.

About the ear that people, according to Olli, have commented on:

- Hi vi ** u tota sun replaces !?

Can a ton cut somehow normal?

What can be done about it?

Olli calls his ear a “cabbage ear”.

This is very typical of wrestlers as well as other wrestling athletes.

When there is a hard enough blow to the ear, a blood clot can form in the earlobe that needs to be emptied.

- (Injured ear) is so touch-sensitive that wrestling doesn't mean anything.

Therefore, it is necessary to suck the blood off with a spike and tie a pressure bandage around the head so that it can even somehow twist.

Personally, I have a couple of times sucked the blood out (earlobe), a few times someone the coach and also a doctor.

And that's how it has become, Olli opens up the everyday problem of wrestlers.

- (Ear) may not be beautiful, but earned by work and strongly part of Meikäläinen.

Yes, it could be cut and beautified.

It is recommended.

But my answer is no, there is no need.

Olli says in his update that wrestlers are proud of their ears because they are not easy to get, they need to be earned.

Non-wrestlers don’t always understand that.

- Sometimes he has taken such comments as “hyi hele” and “hopefully something can be done over there,” the 2018 World Champion admits.

Although the “cabbage ear” is sometimes a hassle for the wrestler, the cloud always has a silver rim.

- There is a bit of a hearing impairment, but it works well and sometimes there is a couple, when you can't hear everything.

All the scars on the body tells the story of who you are.

We are proud to be just the way we are.

-It is a bit hearing impaired, but it works well and sometimes it is a couple when you can't hear everything, Olli wrote. Photo: Antti Hämäläinen / IS

In addition to his world championship, Olli won five wrestling championship medals in his career, two of which were European championships.

In October, he began completing his coaching qualification (VAT) at Kuortane Sports College.

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