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New lockdown in France started

The new lockdown in France started at midnight.

In principle, everyone must stay at home under the new lockdown.

The French can only cross the street with written proof of necessity.

People are allowed to exercise close to home for an hour every day.

The French who live near a park are lucky this time because they remain open.

In contrast to the previous lockdown, the schools remain open, but children from the age of 6 must wear a mouth mask in the lessons.

The French hurried on Thursday to make last purchases.

That caused crowds in the stores.

Pasta and toilet paper were popular groceries, as were ink for printers and electronics for working at home.

On Thursday, the public health agency reported 47,637 new corona cases over the past 24 hours.

The number of deaths from the virus rose by 235 to over 36,000.

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The most important corona news of Thursday, October 29:


  • The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) reported 10,280 new positive corona tests on Thursday.

    The figures partly consist of reports from Wednesday, which could not be processed at the time due to an IT malfunction at the GGDs.

    On Wednesday it went to 8,123 positive corona tests, bringing the average for these two days to 9,201. 

  • A total of 2,384 corona patients will be in the hospital on Thursday.

    That's eight more than Wednesday, when the number of corona patients increased by eighteen from the day before.

  • The number of corona patients in the hospital has been stable for two days, but according to Ernst Kuipers, chairman of the National Acute Care Network (LNAZ), it is still too early to draw conclusions from this.

  • The CoronaMelder app sends an estimated 10,000 reports to people in the Netherlands every day, the NOS writes, based on information from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS).

    Ron Roozendaal, who is responsible for the corona app at the ministry, says that a small part of these reports (about 20 percent) are about exposures more than 1.5 meters away.

  • GroenLinks and the Party for the Animals (PvdD) are calling on the cabinet to come up with a temporary fireworks ban this year.

    Party leaders Jesse Klaver and Esther Ouwehand argue against NU.nl that it is irresponsible to burden the care, which is already under serious pressure because of the corona crisis, with fireworks victims.

    They receive support from the Dutch Association of Emergency Physicians (NVSHA) and the Dutch BOA Association.

  • Too many source and contact researchers who used the same program for their work at the same time caused a breakdown in the computer systems of the regional health services yesterday, the umbrella organization GGD GHOR Nederland said.

    Due to the outage, the daily figures of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) were released hours later than usual on Wednesday.

    According to the GGD, this is a different type of malfunction than that of Saturday.


  • French Prime Minister Jean Castex explained the already announced lockdown during a television speech on Thursday evening.

    It was already known that cafes, restaurants and non-essential shops had to close and travel to other regions was not allowed, but Castex also said that from now on French people can only take to the streets with a government document.

  • Disneyland Paris closes its doors at the end of the day.

    The theme park will announce this on Thursday.

    According to Disney, the closure is in line with the guidelines of the French authorities that apply in connection with the corona crisis.

  • The hospitals in Belgium are jointly calling on the country's six governments to further shut down the country due to the corona virus.

    This can make the difference "between the life and death of our fellow citizens and our loved ones", write the umbrella organizations that together represent all Belgian hospitals.

  • The Spanish region of Catalonia closes its borders for 15 days to slow the virus spread.

    The catering ban will also be extended by fifteen days.

    Catalonia is one of the worst affected regions in Spain.

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