Biography of striker singer Frederik aka Ilkka Sysimetsä Few of us is Frederik (Otava, 2020) received new attention on Thursday when Minister of Social Affairs and Health Aino-Kaisa Pekonen (left) said that he had demanded the removal of the passage from the second edition of the book.

- The point in the book published by Otava that dealt with me was completely wrong.

I have not met the author of the book or been present at the festivals mentioned in the book.

Otava deletes the paragraph from the second edition of the book.

I find the case unfortunate, Pekonen tweeted on Thursday night.

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Reached by Ilta-Sanomat, Frederik says he still clings to the truthfulness of his story.

In the book, the man recalls meeting at the Pekonen Music Festival, when he was still a Member of Parliament for the first time.

- Pekosella has no right to interfere in my tekstiini, which I have written in his memoirs.

I have already made numerous phone calls and I have a witness to the event, which is the band's guitarist.

He saw everything and recognized Pekonen as well.

I don’t think there’s anything offensive about the event, Reetu uploads.

The pioneer of the so-called junto disco said on MTV's After Five program on Wednesday that Pekonen had been in contact with him and his assistants earlier that day.

"We'll hear about it from now on, as long as I get home today and get evidence on this," Frederik said.