Based on the evidence, Anton Lundell was selected for the wrong national team.

HIFK's 19-year-old stellar center will go to Malmö, Sweden, next week, according to a national team of under-20s, where the Young Lions will meet Sweden three times.

Lundell's choice was obvious, of course, as he is Finland's number one center and one of the tournament's superstars at the World Cup in Edmonton at the turn of the year.

Based on the performances of the first season, Lundell would certainly have been eligible for Jukka Jalonen's A-national team in the Karelia tournament.

Lundell has been convincing at the start of his third league season, downright sparkling in recent rounds.

The top promise, reserved for the Florida Panthers at number 12 in early October, has officially taken its team back on its backpack in late October.

In Wednesday’s round, Lundell (1 + 1) was the king of the trough when HIFK knocked down the anemic JYP 4-0.

Lundell snatched the opening goal of the match in his first substitution.

The hit was his eighth season.

- Anton's goal was really important, because it guided our game, HIFK's head coach Jarno Pikkarainen saw.

This is what Lundell is doing today: showing direction from evening to night for the reds.

Last Saturday's round in the Race Park against SaiPaa, Lundell rotted four of HIFK's five goals.

The flame is fluttering wildly at the moment.

In the last three matches, Lundell has waved the goal net a total of seven times.

Last season’s personal goal record (10) is just two stubs away.

- Paints really feed a lot of self-confidence.

Now it's a really tough idea.

I just try to get the most out of every game, Lundell said.

NHL loan Emil Bemström is the most feared target gun in the HIFK attack, but the paintballs of the 21-year-old Swede are currently frozen.

The role of the number one has surprisingly been taken by Lundell, who is more of a feeder than a cheeky finisher.

- I'm more playmaker, who sees the field well.

I'm trying to take advantage of that feature and find chain mates.

I also like to shoot a lot, and I try to take advantage of it more.

Now it has also begun to sink.

A smart and ambitious player wants to get more layers for their NHL career.

In the early part of the season, Lundell has been looking for solutions more rudely, which is likely to please the Panthers bosses.

- No tips have come from there.

They let you focus on this season in peace and good so.

I want to keep the focus full here now, Lundell said.