Will Veikkausliiga season 22 remain in the regular season match or will there be an attempt to play in the final series?

The Veikkausliiga will decide on this today, Wednesday, when a consensus was not reached a week ago.

According to its rules, the league has the option to end the season in the regular season if it proves impossible to play the playoffs by the deadline.

A suspension decision would require a 9/12 majority of the league clubs.

The corona situation does not seem to be easing in Finland, at least for a while, and the IFK Mariehamn – HJK and TPS – SJK corona games, which have already been transferred many times, had to be postponed again last week.

The regular season final round will not be played with this information until November 4th.

The Veikkausliiga - and Ykkönen - theoretically have plenty of time to play the games to the end.

The absolute absolute deadline set by the Football Association for playing the league qualifiers is December 13, and if necessary, the qualifiers can be played in one piece.

Naturally, no one wants to go that far, but the deadline has been stretched to preserve some sort of opportunity to play games as agreed until the end.

However, everyone knows that that would make no sense.

In the league's solution, the ultimate competitive spirit and feeling of sport and cold everyday realism are opposed.

Last week, there were no nine of the league clubs that would have been willing to inject across the season.

Even after that, the situation behind the scenes has seemed to be that the state of affairs had not changed radically before today’s meeting.

SJK and Honka in particular are strongly in favor of continuing the season.

In addition, TPS can still be saved from qualifying if the season continues.

At the top end, HJK doesn’t want to be stigmatized as a season breaker - at the Club camp when flagging for the end of the season was very active when KuPS was strongest in the championship.

For those in favor of the game, the logic is clear and completely understandable: a series of 27 matches has been agreed and work needs to be done.

It is not natural for those in the competitive industry to raise their hands and give up because the job is a bit difficult.

I understand the idea well.

On the other hand, there is no financial basis for continuing the games.

Games deep in the heart of November are not conducive to attracting crowds to the gallery - especially when it comes to excitement plays like last season.

For those who want to suspend the season, the economy is often the main argument.

With these prospects, there would be too many games in the final series where the stakes are at most theoretical.

Match events become burdensome.

Looking at the series table, it is clear that in the lower end series, for example, the stakes are low.

The fall of RoPS is obvious, and a harsh truth has been granted in the company.

RoPS, I understand, is on the side of a quick end to the season.

TPS is strictly in the qualifying spot, although IFK Mariehamn or Haka may still drift into the fight.

In the top-down series, Inter may rise to HJK's position in the championship battle, so despite the Club's solid position, anything would still be possible in theory.

Europel places are still being fought for, but the Ilves camp, for example, is already considering ending the games, even if it is most realistically challenging Honka, who is holding the last place.

Korona is haunted by everything in the background.

Games have now had to be transferred many times, and there is no guarantee that there will be no more transfers.

The five final rounds already need to be placed really tightly by the end of November in order to be included in the program before the qualifying deadline.

In November when there are national matches.

As IFK Mariehamn’s Peter Mattsson told Swedish FotbollDirekt on Tuesday, a single match transfer would mess up the final series really badly.

IFK has already been caught in the crown of the corona.

Mattsson doesn't think it's possible to play 27 rounds.

Technically, if the rules are interpreted like the damn Bible, it’s impossible to say it’s impossible for the season to be played.

Technically, this can be considered a reason to play the games to the end.

At this point, however, one must rely on common sense.

Veikkausliiga is not a law house.

The use of common sense is permitted.

The regular season would be a good place for the league to end the season with honor.

Even the series situation would be as honorable as the decision can realistically be.

Running through the rest of the season with the original plan would be not only a mammoth challenge but mainly useless as well as very costly risk taking.

Now is the perfect opportunity to hit the season package and message “that we did it!”

It is worth using.

At least my mouth would have a completely different feeling about the season if it had to be decided in the middle of the season by an official decision.

Better to take care of things on your own terms.

Mattsson is one of them who hopes the season ends in the regular season.

This brings us to the heart of the problem in the league board’s decision: Everyone has their own interests, and there are 12 votes on the table.

IFK in the losing streak is in danger of qualifying for the league, but that threat will disappear if the season ends in the regular season.

Their argument can be shot down by saying that the club clearly has its own cow in the ditch.

That is why, as we did last week, today's negotiations are likely to approach a stalemate.

Perhaps at this point it would be best for the Veikkausliiga and the Football Association running Ykkö to beat the wise heads together and the final decision-making to be taken away from the clubs.

It could be given to a small, common group - even called a coronary fist - that would have a mandate to make a final solution.

In this way, the interests of individual clubs would not be affected and the big picture would be looked at together.

Reason in hand.

The Veikkausliiga and its clubs have done a great job after taking the season this far.

In the league, it would be good to ruffle the chest, even if you didn’t make it to 27 matches.

Now is the time to end the season on your own terms and with honor.

It's worth using.

One can ask the SM League and quite a few others how it feels when the power to play games is taken out of one's own hands.