Ecommerce giant Amazon has launched its website in Sweden.

The opening is not in itself a surprise, as the company announced its plan as early as August.

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Amazon has also reserved an address.

The Swedish Amazon store is expected to become the company's Nordic e-commerce center.

At least for now, however, the address redirects to, the company's e-commerce site in Germany.

The front page of Amazon's Swedish online store announces the possibility of delivering purchases to Finland.

However, there are clearly logistics problems, because when browsing the store, it becomes clear that not all products are delivered to a Finnish address.

Elsewhere, the site briefly states that transportation options and times depend on the location.

For years now, products from Amazon's German online store have usually been able to order purchases in Finland as well.

The Swedish Amazon online store is also entirely in Swedish, unlike the German site, where you may have chosen English as well as English.