The final pairing decisions are not conscious.

This is what Markus Rantala, who has studied appearance and its meanings, says.

Even if a person has imagined criteria for their ideal partner, such as length or hair color, they will not affect our interest in the final games.

- There is not much information about what the choice of a couple is based on, but research shows that it is possible to fall in love at first sight, Rantala says.

- Especially for women, the sense of smell is very important.

A person who smells good is charming.

According to Rantala, for example, youth and childhood affect what kind of partner you are interested in.

Influences often come from one's own family, ie a person is looking for a spouse like his or her parents, for example.

- People rarely say superficial desires out loud because they should emphasize mental qualities.

Many times in love one may imagine that one is in love with another person.

Everything in the partner seems completely in love, so the influencing factors are on an unconscious level.

What traits do women then fall in love with and fall in love with first?

“I whispered my husband’s long lashes.

There were festivals, and the man stayed with me in the same hotel.

Right from the first encounter, I noticed that the guy has the most lovely eyes in the world thanks to their rap lashes.

Luckily, my children inherited the man’s lashes, not my own stubs. ”

“I was fascinated by some sense of familiarity.

From the very first meeting, it was conveyed that I dare to trust this person.

I would have even believed my home key to the man. ”

At first glance, falling in love is true - women tell what their partner fell in love with: “Blond, curly hair felt hugely soft on the fingers”


 I fell in love with his imperfect teeth with small cracks.

“Even though it’s a really big cliché to say that, I still say: I fell in love with everything in my spouse - his general being.

My beloved was such a little weird joker whose essence was a spirit of mystical mystery.

Such has always fascinated me.

In addition, I went hot on her blond and curly hair, which felt hugely soft on her fingers.

We are still together and nowadays I always regret at regular intervals that his hair is quite short these days. ”

“The first thing I noticed was his height, I was somehow really fascinated that the guy was much taller than me and others.

I can not really explain any of it, I think it was probably just a lot of fun to talk to him, when in fact I'm quite short. "

“I fell in love with my ex-boyfriend with his slightly imperfect teeth with small cracks.

With a perfect line of teeth, he would have been completely different, but I think the cracked teeth were just perfect. ”

The story was previously published on the Me Women website in July 2017.