As a result of a data breach at the Psychotherapy Center, the personal and therapy information of numerous people has been leaked to the encrypted Tor network.

Serious data breaches raised fears that the data could be misused.

The EDPS instructed on his website to consider making a My Credit Ban entry.

The subscription reduces the risk of identity theft as well as credit card purchases and instant cash withdrawals by third parties.

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The My Credit Prohibition entry can be made via the websites of Suomen Asiakastieto and Bisnode Finland.

Each company maintains its own credit record.

Making a subscription is a paid service provided by companies.

- The hacking has caused increased interest in [credit ban subscription], says Jukka Ruuska, CEO of Suomen Asiakastieto.

Bisnode is also told that e-commerce traffic has clearly increased in recent days and also the number of voluntary credit bans.

Ruuska cannot say how much the number of entries has increased since the hacking was announced, but the concern is clearly reflected in the website visits.

According to Ruuska, there is an interest both in the information guard service, which gives you an alert if you ask for your own credit information, and in the credit ban.

- The security service is also good in the sense that it tells you immediately if someone is misusing their identity.

Your own credit ban is extra security when you know that the information has gone to the wrong parties.

Corporate alert services issue an alert via email when a person’s credit information is queried from their credit record.

Notifications quickly inform you of changes that indicate identity theft, and you can respond to them quickly.

No information is available from Asiakastieto on whether suspicious activity has already taken place on the basis of alerts.

Alerts always come from the customer's normal activities, where, for example, the seller of a product or service clears credit information in connection with a transaction or contract.