The Evening Dancing with the Stars show attracted faces familiar to the public.

Sami Sarjula, who once became known as Ossi Puolakka and a member of the Hunks dance group, arrived at the Dancing with the Stars studio to watch an exciting evening.

In the eighth live broadcast of Dancing with the Stars, the star pairs are dancing with a Halloween theme.

Sarjula, 42, who currently works in the automotive industry, is able to identify with the excitement of the stellar pairs, as she herself participated in the program 13 years ago.

He made it to the finals, but ended up third in the final broadcast.

- It's great to be able to watch the dances again.

Nostalgic feeling.

I still remember that excitement before the live broadcasts, Sarjula says.

He recalls his own RTD experience with warmth.

- It was a crazy experience, but also very tough.

My weight dropped about eight kilos during the race, Sarjula, who lives in Lohja, remembers.

Photo: Seppo Solmela

Sarjula arrived at the studio with her companion.

Namely, he has found a new love alongside him and is dating musician Jenny Villasen.

- We met in the summer to work, Sarjula says with a smile.

Villanen works as a violinist in the Helsinki City Orchestra.

- Sami is an infinitely cordial and wonderful person.

We have similar lifestyles and I couldn't be happier, Villanen, who lives in Vantaa, describes.

Due to Korona, the work of the man who also performed singing and plot gigs was greatly reduced.

- The new wonderful relationship has brought light to this autumn, Sarjula says.

Sarjula has an 8-year-old son.

Sarjula divorced her husband in 2018. They have been together since 2010.

Sami Sarjula starred in the series Secret Lives for a long time. Photo: Handout

Sarjula played Ossi Puolakka, who runs the gym in Salkkari, and was seen in the series in 2004–2013.

He returned to the role in the Salkkareide spin off series Pihlajasatu, which came into the boxes this summer.