The coronavirus has a significant impact on Linköping HC, which plays in the main series of Swedish hockey.

About 20 team members have been infected with the corona, says Aftonbladet.

The first team has been suspended for the time being.

The team practiced together last Tuesday.

- Many have very mild symptoms.

Fever has risen for two or three.

That is why we are a little worried and have taken a break - even those who have no symptoms, Linklasping 's GM Niklas Persson told the Swedish newspaper.

Six Finns play in Linköping: Jussi Rynnäs, Petteri Nikkilä, Niko Ojamäki, Jaakko Rissanen, Jarno Kärki and Oula Palve.

The club did not confirm the number of infections reported by Aftonbladet as it awaits test results.

The coronavirus has transferred three matches from Linköping.

The team’s next match is marked next Thursday.

- This is not fun, not at all.

We would like to play, but now we can't.

We have not experienced such a situation before, Persson said.

Aftonbladet reported on Wednesday that the SHL club Djurgården has a case of coronavirus.

Linköping played against Djurgården in his home hall on 15 October.