Competitors around Italy staged a protest on Friday in the 19th leg of the road race.

The leg was supposed to be the longest in the big race, 258 kilometers, but it shortened to 124 kilometers.

The reason for the protest was that the race organizer wanted to extend the original route by a few kilometers because the bridge had collapsed along the way.

The drivers ’pit extension didn’t sit because the extremely tough race is already in its third week.

Competitors had already treaded 3,030 kilometers during Giro and also complained about the long transition between stages.

In addition, heavy rain and cold awaited those leaving for the trip on Friday morning.

According to Cycling News, drivers voted on the shortening request in the Telegram app on Thursday.

The drivers, the race organizer and members of the International Bike Federation then discussed the situation.

The solution was for the cyclists to pedal eight kilometers from the starting point in Morbegno and then proceeded for about 120 kilometers by bus and other service cars to the new starting point at Abbiategrasso.

Wilko Kelderman, who enjoyed the car ride, drives around Italy. Photo: Italy Photo Press / MVPhotos / ZUMA

Mauro Vegni, director of the Giro d’Italia, was furious about the solution, according to Cycling News, and threatened the drivers with legal action.

Cycling legend, Eurosport expert Bradley Wiggins thought the day was a “mess”.

He understood both sides, but felt that in the end only the spectators of the race lost.

- I think everyone looked pretty silly in the end, Wiggins commented on the Eurosport broadcast, according to Cycling News.

Giro’s safety measures have been under a magnifying glass also because the coronavirus spread in the past among riders and some of the stables skipped the race.

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On Saturday, the decisive mountain stage of the overall race will be run.

Wilco Kelderman leads second with just a 12-second margin.

Finnish Jaakko Hänninen is in 70th place.