Alexander Petrov, considered Vyborg's most influential businessman and even the de facto "ruler" of the city, has been found dead in his villa, Russian media say.

Conflicting information was initially circulating on Saturday night, as Petrov was reported to have been either shot or killed.

Just over an hour later, for example, TV5 and 47News said they had confirmed from their own sources that Petrov was dead.

What happened was observed on Saturday early in the evening, so little information is available.

The death would have been estimated at about 6 p.m. on Saturday.

Telegram 112 says Petrov may have been the victim of a sniper.

According to the Baza channel, Petrov's body was found by a guard who alerted the scene for help.

The news agency Ria Novosti also says that it has confirmed the death from its own sources.

Petrov was found dead in his own villa near Vyborg.

The villa is said to be located in the village of Velikoja, which during Finland belonged to the municipality of Säkkijärvi and its Finnish name is Tapiola.

47News says the shooter is unknown and he or they have not been reached.

Currently, a large number of forensic investigators are also on their way from St. Petersburg.

Alexander Petrov's son Vitali Petrov is remembered as the first Russian Formula 1 driver. Photo: Hoch Zwei

Alexander Petrov's son Vitali Petrov is also known around the world for his career as a Formula 1 driver.

According to recent news, Vitali Petrov is on the jury for the Portuguese Grand Prix, which will be run over the weekend.

Known as the “Vyborg Rocket”, Petrov drove in the F1 series from 2010 to 2012.

He participated in 58 competitions.

The Russian's best ranking was triple mode in Australian gp in 2011.

Aleksandr Petrov is a boxer by background and, for example, was the director of the sports center Favorit.

For example, Alexander Petrov is known to have owned part of the Vyborg shipyard.

He is a member of the ruling party United Russia and such an influential person in Vyborg that he is alleged to have been the de facto ruler of the city.