The police was attacked on Friday evening when the illegal party ended in the South Holland town of Alblasserdam.

Two police officers were slightly injured by a "wave of violence", police reported on Saturday.

Five arrests have been made.

The party on a boat was discovered shortly before midnight by some surveillance officers.

There were about fifteen partygoers on board.

They did not adhere to the corona measures.

The officers tried to end the party, but those present refused to cooperate.

"Instead, a discussion arose with the people who were going to be pushed and pulled," police said.

"During this uproar, the police shirt of one of the officers was broken."

Those on the boat again refused to cooperate after more officers arrived.

Among other things, they threw glasses and chairs at the officers.

There was also fighting.

Among other things, the officers used a baton and an electric shock weapon.

In the end, five suspects were arrested.

It concerns four men and a woman between the ages of 23 and 34.

The five live in Alblasserdam.

More arrests are currently not ruled out.

"Outrageous what happened there," said the police about the disturbances.

"Agents are stepping forward to protect society and implement measures related to the corona pandemic. Then the behavior of those present on the ship does not fit in in any way."