Four people were injured in a raging fire in a flat in the Frisian Sneek on Friday evening.

A hemp plantation and a possible explosive device were found in a house next to the flat.

The fire broke out at around 6:50 PM on the third floor of an apartment building on Rijperahemstraat.

The fire was brought under control fairly quickly.

However, a number of surrounding houses had to be evacuated as a precaution.

The police found a hemp plantation and a possible explosive device at one of the surrounding houses.

It is still being investigated whether it is actually an explosive.

Until that is decided, the residents are not allowed to return home.

One suspect has been arrested.

Four people were injured in the fire.

They have been taken to hospital.

Nothing has yet been announced about their condition.

It is also unclear how the fire started in the flat.

The explosive disposal service is on its way to this address to examine the object and, if necessary, to render it harmless or to dispose of it.

A suspect has since been arrested.

Further investigation has been initiated.


Avatar Author pollyslan Moment of places 21: 27 - 23 October 2020