U.S. Republican President Donald Trump, who is aiming for a second term, appears to have won one of the batches of his Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

In the final candidate debate, Biden admitted that one of his goals is to give up oil production.

  • In the video above, Maria Annala, a Visiting Researcher at the Foreign Policy Institute, comments on the latest debate on climate change speeches.

The BBC says Biden's support forces immediately had to refine the candidate's statement: Biden had been talking about giving up fossil fuels on a larger scale, and not directly about the downsizing of the oil industry.

Biden said fossil fuels should be replaced by renewable energy sources and the U.S. should work toward zero emissions.

The policies are expected to inspire the left wing of Democrats in particular, but at the same time it could drive out voters from Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas, states that are important to the oil industry.

Trump and Biden argued on television for the last time on Friday morning Finnish time. Photo: C-Span / Zuma / MVPhotos

Indeed, Biden came under explanation immediately after the debate and said fossil fuels would not be phased out until 2050. Kamiden Harris, Biden’s vice presidential candidate, also said Biden is not banning the hottest potato in the subject, water spillage, and that Trump is taking the issue out of context.

Trump’s backing forces have clumsily seized on the comments, and stuck to Biden’s previously fumbling comments on the subject.

Trump also declared the matter a “big mistake” for Biden.

Biden has led according to forecasts recently, but there are still several Libyan states in the United States that could settle the election in Trump’s favor.

Oil production in the United States is a huge industry, and the Libyan states are listening carefully to how the candidates are reacting.

Maria Annala, a visiting researcher at the Foreign Policy Institute, was also amazed by the output.

- It was the point where I thought wow!

Trump tried to squeeze Biden, get him to say it and he succeeded.

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    The Finnish researcher was surprised when Trump squeezed a bold statement from Biden