Lapland now attracts more people to work remotely in normal autumn and winter.

Because of Korona, more and more people are used to teleworking, but in addition to the home office, people may apply “at the lathe” to Lapland's ski centers and log cabins.

However, this is not a new phenomenon, says Yrjötapio Kivisaari, CEO of Visit Levi.

In previous years, Lapland has attracted experts and IT workers in particular, but with the Korona the need for teleworking has increased.

Now almost all of the teleworkers are Finns, when under normal circumstances Levi will also work abroad.

Kivisaari says that Levi already has more teleworkers than before.

In principle, Levi offers two-week and one-month packages for teleworking, but there are also known people who stay in Lapland for longer.

There are teleworkers from side to side from teachers to communication professionals and coders.

- Families have also come here to work remotely.

Here you can find hobby opportunities for many departures, Kivisaari says.

In the future, it will be possible to get remote workstations for holiday apartments through partners.

In addition, there is a limited number of office spaces available on site for teleworking.

Each of them is already booked until the end of October.


 We are able to add remote workstations pretty quickly.

According to Kivisaari, the popularity of teleworking has even come as a surprise, even though demand was expected.

He does not want to directly comment on the number of people working remotely in Levi, but says that due to its popularity, remote workstations will be added.

- We are able to add remote workstations pretty quickly.

We have 25,000 beds in Levi, which means virtually unlimited capacity to serve teleworkers.

However, I don't think that those readings will be reached, Kivisaari laughs.

In addition to the ski resort itself, teleworking in Levi is provided by a company called Innovation Home, and Villada organizes teleworking trips for companies.

Villada has been organizing telecommuting trips for a long time, but Levi is targeting a new one.

- Normally, companies typically fly their employees to our locations in the heat of Southern Europe, when the weather in Finland gets worse, but now it is not possible, says Tommi Lehtonen, CEO of Villada.

Typical companies that purchase services from Villada include IT companies and solvent companies that want to invest especially in well-being at work.

- Our customer is often a company that wants to keep its employees and invest in rewarding them.

According to Lehtonen, Levi was selected purely because of the coronary situation.

In addition, domestic destinations are also offered in more southern Finland and elsewhere in Lapland.

At best, the villas and cottages in Levi offered by Villada can accommodate a large number of employees, but the most in demand are holiday homes for about ten people.

The weekly rate includes transport to and from the place, maid service and work facilities.

According to Villada, the example price of these is about 420 euros per person, and at an additional price, activities can be arranged for teleworkers, among other things.

- For next winter, companies have been interested in Levi.

It is not yet the high season, but it can be seen that the demand will be surprisingly good in the winter.


 Anyway, we had looked at the opportunity and hoped there would be some workspace to do the work properly.

One of the teleworkers who traveled to Levi is Matti Kettunen.

Kettunen traveled to Levi for two weeks with his wife.

Their package includes accommodation, a workspace and some ancillary items such as a gym pass.

Kettunen works in expert positions in university administration.

She has the same job with her husband.

- We have such a carrot that my spouse's sister and her husband live here near Kittilä.

By the way, we have visited the region a lot, Kettunen says.

- By the way, we had looked at the opportunity and hoped that there would be some workspace to work properly.

Working in the corners of others, at the kitchen table, no longer works on a weekly basis.

When such a package appeared, we grabbed it.

Matti Kettunen says that he likes a good winter.

That is why he considers it possible that teleworking in Levi will also be attractive next year. Photo: Matti Kettunen's home album

Kettunen started teleworking in mid-March.

Under normal circumstances, there would be little telework, so the situation is new to the couple.

Kettunen describes a two-week telework period in Lapland as an experiment.

If the work is successful and everyday life starts to roll, both may return to Levi for telecommuting later in the winter.

- The workspaces are good, so far the experience has been very good.

Kettunen says that he lives in Tampere and enjoys a good winter, so he considers it very possible that Levi will be attracted to work later as well.

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