Ah, Hollywood.

Dream factory!

Stars, legends, shower clubs, beauties of big screens.

Sparkle under the California sun.

Billion business.

This is all yet to be experienced.

The Americas have never come to visit.

In monetary terms, I have only had access to hundreds of thousands of euros - as a liability.

There have been dreams, after all.

As a young man from Farrah Fawcett-Majors.

About the original Angel of the Angels of Charlie (for the information of the younger ones).

But now!

The news said that Hollywood has come to Finland and all the way to Tampere!

Described here is a complete sci-fi thriller called Dual.

Also included in the data is a beauty of some sort, named Karen Gillan.

Scot, but let's go.

Admittedly, the name is already completely foreign.

And the news photo doesn’t even light the bulbs.

Pretty pretty, sure.

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Hollywood has to be found when it’s close at once.

But those who know about making Dual have nothing to say, even if they are curious about the filming locations.

Confidentiality, damn it!

Fortunately, there are vigilant citizens who approach with clues.

Hollywood is reportedly found in Lempäälä!

So not from Tampere, but from a smaller neighborhood?

And in the Brown Gorge - or in the Gray?

Well, there's no time to figure it out.

Let's go!

Photo: IS

That's why in Tampere the clouds are hanging down for the second day.

Gray must get into the Hollywood sun!

First you have to wander the old Tampereentie in front of you.

The newer Tampereentie, ie Kolmostie, or the E12 leading to Helsinki, is just around the corner.

Across the third road is the well-known shopping center Ideapark.

The significance of the mystical D-sign along Old Tampereentie was only revealed to most with the Dual news. Photo: Terho Vuorinen

But eventually it starts to burn.

In the yard of the industrial hall in the bend of the pine trees, there is a whole bunch of cars, packers and cloud-gray trailers in the Park.

So such trailers, not movie demonstrations.

It reads Make Up together.

We're close now!

Unfortunately, the shift of less than 20 kilometers to the south does not know a change in the weather.

Here, too, the water cracks into the windshield evenly deadly.

But maybe the glow of the stars warms you?

Someone moves quickly from the hall to a trailer.

And another in the other direction.

Out of the rain.

Supisuomalainen-looking tricks and shackles.

Is not valid.


Among other things, a “production office” was found in the yard of the industrial hall. Photo: Terho Vuorinen

Immediately the first junction to the right ensures that you arrive.

Just no one is still visible, but the narrow Maple Road is blocked by big vans from companies referring to the film industry.

The ambulance is also visible.

Probably a precaution because of the corona?

Own racing game in the park and out.

If you postpone, then maybe I'll meet it Karen?

Or another co-star Aaron Paul or director-screenwriter Riley Stearns?

I guess something should then say: Excuse me, can I ask you about the movie you´re Filming?

The camera gets wet.

Forced to push inside the jacket at times.

Maple road was crowded. Photo: Terho Vuorinen

The filmmakers got to the tent shelter on the street.

In the back, a detached house that has been the location since Monday. Photo: Terho Vuorinen

At the same time, the mail car is also trying to fit on Vaahteratie.

No dice.

A woman in her mask arrives to tell the spirit of the game and offers to take the mail to a group of boxes where the four-wheeler can't get there.

However, the postman decides to do the job himself.

In the case of Valofirma, which rents film equipment, the truth is beginning to be revealed.

Younger men say the goods are already being packed.

But the shooting location is already visible.

No more turning back!

The road of the post car pushed to the beginning of Vaahteratie. Photo: Terho Vuorinen

Valofirma employees packing stuff for the next day. Photo: Terho Vuorinen

There it is.

An ordinary single-storey detached house in the middle of other similar ones.

Why did Hollywood want to come here?

There are a few more people clearly involved in filmmaking in the yard and on the street, but they seem silent.

Good if you take a look at an outsider.

- Are you here to describe the project, one still asks.

I would!

In this house, indoors probably, Dualia was photographed from Monday to Thursday.Photo: Terho Vuorinen

The trailers in front of the scene still excite the desire.

One reads Karen, the other Beulah.

Sniffing: Beulah Koale, actress.

I guess he's also known.


- Is it worth me to wait here?

Or can you even tell me I’m asking a younger man who would seem to be guarding places.

- I can say it's not worth it, the man says.

Here's the door to Karen Gillan's trailer.

IS did not knock on the door. Photo: Terho Vuorinen

There was still a lot of noise in the garage of the detached house after the stars left the place. Photo: Terho Vuorinen

So all those important people are already gone.

So the heat of the stars remains a dream.

Really starting to get wet and cold.

I guess it has to be handed over.

But there is a new day ahead!

"The note came to the mailbox"

Dual came as a complete surprise to everyone.

Also for residents of the Brown Ridge.

- A few days ago, a note came to the mailbox stating that a stretch of road would be closed due to filming, a retired man living two houses away from the filming site said Thursday afternoon.

- Only today did I realize that a Hollywood movie is being made next door.

It annoyed when the radio was filmed in the morning in Tampere.

It made sense to call and ask if you were lying there.

In Lempäälä it is described!

The postman had to leave the car and take the letters and magazines to the boxes at the football and guided. Photo: Terho Vuorinen

Scifi is not normally interested in men, but for Dual, he should make an exception.

- If you happen to live as long as it comes, then you need a roof.

- Bright lights have been seen from there, but he is not interested in taking a peek.

Mika Väisänen, who lives a little further away, considers getting descriptions to be a great thing for the Tampere region.

It has occurred to me if he himself happened to hit the front of the camera.

- I puskenut a few times from that next over, even if PREVENT surgery, child day-care center seeking buggy Väisänen chuckled.

- There is a guy on the production team whose child is my own child's kindergarten friend.

Olivia LeBlanc is already looking forward to the upcoming premiere of Dual. Photo: Terho Vuorinen

For high school attendant Olivia LeBlanc, Hollywood is almost a familiar thing.

He is from almost a neighbor, San Diego.

- Dual is photographed in the father's friend's house next door.

I just went there in the village, says LeBlanc, 17, enthusiastic about the news that revolutionized the everyday life of the Brown Ridge.

LeBlanc already hopes to get to see the finished film.

- Then I can tell the guys that it was filmed right here.

Residents will be telling the film filmed in Brown's Shrine from Monday.

On Friday, filming will continue somewhere in Ylöjärvi.