The Ostrobothnian went on a car ride home to Kurikka on Friday after work.

The new game was the recently acquired new BMW.

After a while, the man watched as flames began to strike from under the hood.

The man was guided to his busy car at the bus stop.

He got out of the car safely.

The fire department did not have much to save.

- The car burned to the ground.

The car burned really badly when we went to the scene, explains Marko Salokas, a firefighter at the Kurika fire station.

The car burned completely.

According to Salokka, you can no longer fish for it.

The car was such a molten pile of metal that Salokas could not say what color the car had originally been.

- The car was kind of gray.

One can guess what happens when the metal burns.

The accident site was in Kurika, at the intersection of Kaskistentie and Lohiluomantie.

The motorist was naturally annoyed.

He carved for firefighters that could take even a frosty one.

- The man praised him for taking a couple of beers in the evening, Salokas hesitates.

Salokas says that car pieces hit the spot every now and then.

There may have been a technical fault in the car.

Salokas says that in the plains of Southern Ostrobothnia, things are taken calmly.

In any case, not so in wonder.

- These come and go, not that much.

On lakes, there is no fuss when the car is a bit white, even when it is being driven.