Tampere has been selected as the stage for an international science thriller when filming of the film Dual started in Tampere on Monday.

This is the first fully described Hollywood production in Finland.

The film stars world-famous stars: Breaking Bad, familiar Emmy-winning actress Aaron Paul, and Karen Gillan, who starred in the giant Avengers: Endgame production and Jumanji.

Aaron Paul was one of the main names in the world-famous Breaking Bad series.Photo: Zumawire / MVphotos

Scottish Karen Gillan, 32, has starred in Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle and Doctor Who, among others. Photo: Zumawire / MVphotos

Finnish film professionals play a major role in the Hollywood production filmed in Tampere.

The producer of the dual film, XYZ Films, has brought only ten of its own employees to Finland, four of whom are Actors.

- Dual's team is exceptionally occupied by artistically responsible Finnish artists from the perspective of production service, says Timo Vierimaa, producer of Film Service Finland (FSF).

- In our opinion, we offered the client the best possible factors suitable for this project and they were accepted.

All are iron professionals.

The names of Finnish authors cannot be disclosed to Vierimaa due to professional secrecy.

Dualia is made by about a hundred domestic professionals.

In addition to recruitment, the FSF is also responsible for, among other things, photography arrangements, resources, equipment and infrastructure.

- The end result will be very Finnish in terms of authors, actors, locations and everything else.

Finland and Tampere will be things that are very recognizable to us locals.

According to Vierimaa, the film's events will take place at least in the Hervanta district and near Metso's main library.

The film is filmed in Metso, Tampere's main library. Picture: Pekka Sakki

Sadly or not, but much to be said for the corona pandemic.

Tampere was chosen as a place precisely because of its safety.

And for the same reason, XYZ Films ’own production team remained small.

- It is hoped that the situation is not that we benefit from the damage, but at the moment the corona situation in Finland is directing inquiries from North America in this direction, Vierimaa reveals.

- New projects of different scales are available all the time.

Annually, now five or six productions have planned to come here.

But kicking tires is still in many ways.

It requires a lot of planning before the decision on the implementation of the project is confirmed.

According to Vierimaa, there are both smaller and bigger plans underway from drama series to films.

The descriptions also roll in the Hervanta district. Photo: Martti Kainulainen

Are there more Hollywood productions among them?

- In some there may be, in some not, Vierimaa spins and says no more.

The FSF was founded last year by experienced Finnish film professionals.

When Korona struck, there was also despair.

With Dual at the latest, the situation became brighter.

- It has already occurred to us that this is how our timing went wrong when we stopped traveling because of the corona, Vierimaa describes the feelings a few months ago.

Getting into Hollywood production is quite a milestone for the FSF.

- The fact that there is someone in the United States who invests money and sends their workers to the other side of the world requires trust and understanding.

We have had to show enough experience that trust can be built.

The film is written and directed by Riley Stearns.Photo: Eriika Ahopelto