Genuine Iskelm's morning presenter, Suvi Hartlin, 39, says she has been infected with corona in her own Instagram account.

- Dear friends, now there is news.

I got a positive corona test result yesterday, which is why I will be away from Aito Iskelm's morning at least 28.10.

until, Hartlin says in his writing.

- I felt a small sting in my throat yesterday, so I decided to play it safe and go for the test.

The shock was quite a bit when I heard the result.

Sore throat was and went, at the moment I am completely healthy spot.

Hartlin says those in close contact have been notified, and thankfully, Hartlin says he has been home mainly for the past few weeks.

- I'm really happy that I happened to go to the test, because the symptoms were so negligible that they could have easily ignored.

In fact, today was supposed to go for a run, but now it will be missed.

It’s really worrying how asymptomatically this can get sick.

So you should go for the test at a very low threshold, Hartlin emphasizes.

IS reported on Thursday morning that Sanomatalo's radio studios are empty for the time being due to a corona case.

On Thursday morning, therefore, no traditional live broadcasts were heard from Sanomatalo's studios.

Sanomatalo's radio studios include Radio Suomipop, Radio Rock, Loop, HitMix, Aito Iskelmä, Radio Aalto and Helmiradio.

On Thursday morning, IS reached out to Rene Mäkinen, who works as a radio program director at Nelonen Media.

Mäkinen could not take a position on what kind of tasks a coronavirus has been diagnosed in a person who has worked.

According to Mäkinen, it was decided to keep the studios empty, as the information about the infection came late Wednesday night.

- This information came so late last night that we did not want to take any risks until we could secure the possibility of exposures.

The situation looks moderately good in the light of the morning data, but we still want to consult health professionals.

We do not take any risk at the expense of health.

Someone may consider this an oversized precaution, but we want to think about the health of the group, Mäkinen emphasizes.

Suvi Hartlin in 2003. Photo: Ulla-Maija Lähteenmäki

Suvi Hartlin has been a radio presenter for a long time.

Before Aito Iskelma, he ran on Radio Aalto.

In addition, he has been seen as a TV presenter on Sub channels and MTV3.

Initially, she became known for the Miss Finland competition in 2003, where she placed second legacy princess.

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