Comedian and actor Sacha Baron Cohen’s famous Borat film will receive a sequel later this year called Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.

As is familiar, the novelty film sees several mind-boggling scenes, but one has already emerged as a topic of conversation before the film was released.

According to the Guardian and the Daily Mail, the film sees Rudy Giuliani, also known as President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer.

Giuliani, 76, is also involved in Trump's presidential campaign.

As is part of the style of Cohen’s films, Giulian is not seen in the film in a particularly flattering scene.

According to press reports, the film shows that Giuliani has agreed to interview “Borat’s daughter”.

“Minor Daughter” is played by actress Maria Bakalova in the film.

Rudy Giuliani campaigned for the Conservatives.

He is a longtime friend and personal attorney of President Trump. Image: Republican National Convention

Giuliani thinks he is giving an interview to a fake conservative TV channel.

After the interview, Borat’s daughter suggests the duo still go for drinks in her hotel room.

According to press reports, the film shows a scene in which Giuliani is sitting on a bed in a hotel room while her daughter is stripping her of the microphone used in the interview.

Soon the situation escalates when 76-year-old Giuliani leans back on the bed back to a lying position.

Giuliani then pushes his hand into his pants.

At this point, Borat, played by Sacha Baron Cohen, rushes into a room equipped with hidden cameras.

- She's 15 years old.

He’s way too old for you, Borat shoots in a joking tone.

Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat character is a Kazakh journalist.Photo: Phil McCarten / Reuters

The Guardian did not reach Giulian to comment on the matter.

Instead, Giuliani raised the issue on Wednesday on WABC radio.

The lawyer said in a cold interview in a radio interview that he was by no means trying to undress, but straightened his shirt hem inside his pants.

- I was fully dressed, Giuliani emphasizes.

- I lean back to fix my shirt inside my pants.

At that point, a picture has been taken that completely distorts the situation.

I straighten my shirt and assure you that’s the only thing I was doing, Giuliani says.

Giuliani also took a furious stance on Twitter.

- Borat's video is a complete fake.

I straightened my shirt inside my pants after taking the mic devices off.

I was not inappropriate before, during, or after the interview.

If Sacha Baron Cohen claims otherwise, he is a liar, Giuliani acknowledges on Twitter.

Borat 2 has been marketed with eye-catching and up-to-date posters. Photo: Timothy A. Clary

The encounter between Giuliani and Borat leaked to the public already in the summer, when Giuliani said that he was startled by Boratia, who was crammed into a special outfit and suddenly rushed into a hotel room.

He called the police to report the man.

- This guy just rushed in and he was wearing a crazy outfit that I would call a transvestite outfit.

She wore a pink bikini and a mesh top.

It looked ridiculous.

He also had a beard and bare feet, and I really wouldn’t call it charming, Giuliani commented to the New York Post over the summer.

- He came in screaming and screaming, and I thought I had to be in a hidden camera.

So I called the police.

Then he ran away.

It wasn’t until later that I realized he had to be Sacha Baron Cohen.

I wonder about all the people he has cheated on.

It felt good that he didn’t cheat on me, Giuliani stated.

Sacha Baron Cohen is known for his numerous films, which include Borat and Dictator in addition to Borat. Photo: Charlie Steffens

Borat is a fictional character created by Sacha Baron Cohen.

Borat is a Kazakh journalist who, in the first film, is sent to the United States to shoot a documentary for the citizens of his country.

The first film was released in 2006.

Borat 2 has already garnered praise.

The BBC gave the film four stars out of five.

The film will be released on Amazon’s video service on Friday, October 23rd.