Tampere hosts a Hollywood film starring world-famous actors, Yle and Aamulehti reported.

According to Yle, the film Dual is a science thriller with a budget of about five million dollars, or about 4.3 million euros, produced by the Hollywood-based production company XYZ Films.

American film director Riley Stearns tells Yle that when the corona pandemic halted filmmaking last spring in the United States, the film began to be searched for in Canada and New Zealand.

In the end, Finland was chosen as the scene, especially because of the corona pandemic.

- The Finns and the Finnish government have done such a good job of curbing the corona that it was easier for us to make the decision to shoot here than anywhere else, Arual Tertzakian, the producer of the dual film, explains to Yle.

According to the magazine, the main roles of the film, which will be shot for about six weeks, will feature Karen Gillan, known from the Dr Who series and Marvel films, and Aaron Paul, a Hollywood star known from the hit series Breaking Bad.