Discovery's documentary series Estonia - A Revolutionary Discovery, published in September, revealed that there was a large hole in the side of a car ferry that sank in 1994.

Linus Andersson, who is now part of the film crew, confirms to the Swedish broadcaster SVT that there is another hole on Estonia's side that is not mentioned in the document.

- I understand that some people find it ugly that we did not include this other damage in the documentary, but all the experts have had access to the material.

They did not consider the second hole significant.

We have not hidden anything, Andersson tells SVT.

Andersson recalls that they did journalistic research, not accident investigations.

According to him, the second hole did not serve the purpose of the documentary.

Experts believe that the second hole was left out so that the theory of an outside ship that collided with Estonia would not be watered down.

- It would have been fairer to publish all the information received.

In this case, the impression of some kind of bias is created, says ship expert Tauri Roosipuu to ERR.

At the beginning of October, the Estonian broadcaster ERR was the first to report on the hole, to which Mart Luik, Assistant to Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu, told about the matter.

Luik, together with experts, took part in an event in Oslo to show, among other things, the material left out of the final document.

The second hole is several meters long and a few tens of centimeters wide.

According to Linus Andersson, the horizontal hole may have been caused by tension on the weak points of the wreck, for example during contact with the bottom or during sinking.

Estonia has indicated that it wishes to carry out a new investigation with the hole now revealed.

Andersson says that he has sent all the material he describes to Estonia and supports a thorough re-examination of the wreck.