Racing Point stable driver Lance Stroll said on Wednesday he contracted a coronavirus disease.

Stroll dropped out of the F1 race in Germany on the second weekend in October due to malaise.

The 21-year-old Canadian driver said on Twitter today that he flew home from the race site on Sunday morning.

Stroll further announced that he had been taken for a corona test on Sunday night and the result turned out to be positive.

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Following Stroll's release, well-known formula suppliers barked at the actions of Racing Point, the F1 Series and the International Automobile Federation as irresponsible.

Chris Medland thinks Stroll should definitely have been tested for corona already at the competition venue.

- Do you remember when I said that the FIA ​​and F1 should put Stroll to tests in Germany because of symptoms suggestive of a coronavirus, and because of the potential risk?

Stroll confirmed that he traveled home and then gave a positive test sample, Medland criticized.

Stroll's test results before the Eifel GP weekend in Germany had been negative.

In any case, he had complained of his weakness in the past.

- Stroll's case is crazy.

If he was already unwell after the Russian GP, ​​he should have been tested every day.

If there was the slightest suspicion that he had a Corona, the team should have isolated those who had dealt with him, as other teams have done, wrote F1 journalist Ben Hunt.

Twitter also reminded that in the case of Stroll, the coronavirus should have been immediately suspected because stomach upset is one of its possible symptoms.

The Race website listed factors that the FIA ​​needs to consider under the upcoming F1 races.

The key question is whether testing every five days is effective enough.

Stroll received a negative test result on Tuesday before arriving at the Nürburgring.

The Race writes that if Stroll was exposed to the coronavirus on Wednesday, for example, he could put other Racing Point employees at risk before retiring to isolation.

Lance Stroll is the son of Racing Point’s main owner, billionaire Lawrence Stroll.

Stroll, who is ninth in the World Series, said on social media that he had recovered from the corona and gave a negative test result again this Monday.

He declared he was 100% fit and would drive next weekend at the next F1 race in Portimao, Portugal.