Singer Nina Tapio, 48, talks about her divorce with Reijo Kontio in a recent Anna magazine.

Tapio and Kontio, 17 years older, were married for eight years and together they have an eight-year-old son, Vilho.

The couple divorced last February.

In Anna magazine, Tapio says the difference was considered for a year before the couple had to admit that the difference was the best solution for them.

According to the magazine, the couple had also been in couple therapy for 1.5 years with the intention of correcting their marriage.

According to Anna magazine, instead of saving the covenant, the therapy provided lunch for a good get rid of.

- After considering the matter enough, we had to admit that we no longer had anything to give or learn from each other.

Our mindless love story had come to an end, Tapio says in an interview with Anna magazine.

Tapio says in the newspaper that he still believes in the ex-couple's soul partnership.

- But our union came across things and pain points that we couldn't get over.

We both hit our heads on the wall, and at some point we had to say we couldn’t get ahead, Tapio says in Anna magazine.

According to the magazine, the resignation was not accompanied by great drama or big quarrels.

According to the magazine, at the same time as couple therapy, Tapio also started psychotherapy alone.

According to Anna magazine, the difficult years were reflected in the couple’s marriage.

Tapio's best friend, and Hanna-Riikka Siitonen, another member of the 90's favorite duo Magic Magic, died of cancer in the summer of 2018.

- After Hanna-Riga's death, I was tired and maybe unhappy for a long time.

The great loss I experienced also contributed to our relationship.

I certainly have been absent and sad, Tapio says Anna magazine.

  • Nina Tapio published a touching video in memory of Hanna-Riikka Siitonen: “You will walk forever in my heart”

Nina Tapio says in Anna magazine that she believed that her relationship would last for the rest of her life. Photo: Joonas Salo

    In the spring of 2019, Tapio recalled in an interview with Seura magazine how she met her ex-husband.

    • Nina Tapio tells in the Society how she fell in love with her husband, who was 17 years older - a sure gesture in the taxi convinced: “It was there”

    The couple's story began at Eurovision Song Contest in 2007, when Taikapeili sought to become Finland's Eurovision Song Contest.

    Tapio told the Society that he was to descend from the roof of Hartwall Arena to the stage on a wire rope.

    During the exercises, he encountered Kontio, who served as security coordinator.

    - I immediately felt like I knew that man.

    There was something very familiar and safe about him, Tapio told the Society.

    Nothing happened in the following weeks, although Tapio said it was clear in the Society that there was something between them.

    After the final, Tapio went to the finals just to meet the man and ended up in the same group.

    - In a taxi, Reka took me by the hand.

    That was it, he recalled in the Society.

    Before Reijo Konti, Nina Tapio was married to musician Martti Forsberg.

    The couple, who divorced in 2006, have two adult daughters.