Actor Maud Hansson Fissoun (née Hansson) has died at the age of 82, says Aftonbladet.

At the age of 19, Hansson Fissoun starred in Ingmar Bergman's films Seven Seals and Strawberry Place in 1957, among others.

Maud Hansson Fissoun (os. Hansson) 1937 - 2020.Photo: KG Kristoffersson / Commons Wikimedia

Finns became acquainted with the Swedish actress from three films by Vaahteramäki's Eemeli, based on Astrid Lindgren's books, filmed in the early 1970s, in which she played Maina, the maid of the Cat Corner House.

Hansson Fissoun married Greek-Russian actress Petros Fissoun, who died in 2016, in the 1960s.