Racing cyclist Tiffany Cromwell, 32, and F1 driver Valtteri Bottas, 31, form an athletic couple.

The duo have been dating for about a year and are used to seeing them support each other in both cycling races and F1 depots.

Australian Cromwell told the couple about their life together, filled with competitive sports, in the Australian city newspaper Adelaide in the Sunday Mail.

The state capital of South Australia, Adelaide, is the hometown of Cromwell.

Cromwell’s father, Mike Cromwell, shared the interview on his Twitter account with praise.

“This has definitely been quite a life change,” Cromwell said in an interview released on Sunday, referring to the relationship with the F1 driver.

Cromwell currently lives with Bottas in Monaco and is often involved with his spouse in F1 races.

- Of course, F1 is a completely different world, but it has been great to have him by my side.

He understands the demands of top sports.

It’s been different and great that we’ve been able to balance between both of our races together, the racing cyclist said.

According to him, balancing between sports and mutual support are important elements in a relationship between two top athletes.

Otherwise, the relationship would easily swing to one-sided, as a top athlete is also required to be selfish.

According to Cromwell, he has always been well received and welcomed by the people of Bottas ’F1 team, Mercedes.

Time in the F1 depots has also inspired him with his own species.

Cromwell revealed that he is trying to learn from Mercedes employees about aerodynamics, among other things.

Cromwell has also gotten to see how much work it takes to win an F1 race on the Bottas wing.

Cromwell said he was delighted to have been able to support and encourage Bota on the spot at the F1.

Fortunately, the support is mutual, and Cromwell thanked Bota in the interview.

He said he had a new enthusiasm for cycling from Bottas.

- I think it has helped me regain motivation for cycling.

The fact that I have someone who supports me and believes in me.

Cromwell shared the image below on his Instagram account in September.

Valtteri Bottas is currently second in the F1 World Championship points after his teammate Lewis Hamilton.

The British driver is moving fast towards his seventh world championship.

The difference between the Mercedes duo is already 69 points.

- The World Cup title is his (Bottas) dream, and Lewis is, of course, a strong resistance.

But it’s not over yet for this year, Cromwell commented on Bottas ’championship chances.

There are six more races left in the current F1 season.

Like F1, road cycling has had to adapt to a new time of the coronavirus pandemic.

Cromwell had a long break in the summer when the races were canceled due to the pandemic.

Since then, he has been able to compete again, and in September, for example, Cromwell competed in the World Road Cycling Championships in Italy.

This weekend he will be competing in Belgium.

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The pandemic has also renewed travel plans.

Cromwell told the Sunday Mail that the restrictions make it difficult for him to travel home to Australia.

There would be a summer break with the family.

- At the moment, it seems that we may be spending Christmas in Finland.

But hopefully I can travel home sooner rather than later, Cromwell thought.