Koblenz (dpa / lrs) - Because of the defusing of a World War II bomb, thousands of Koblenz residents have to leave their apartments or houses by 9 a.m. on Sunday.

At first it was not yet clear when they could go back to their homes on Sunday.

Specifically, it is about a 500 kilogram US explosive device from the Second World War, which was discovered last Tuesday during construction work for a supermarket in the gold mine.

In the affected area there is also an old people's home, a swimming pool, the Moselle railway line, Bundesstraße 9 and the main cemetery.

It was originally planned that residents would have to leave their own four walls within a safety radius of 1000 meters from the site, that would have been around 15,000 people.

Then, for example, a prison and the main station would have been in the restricted area.

But the radius was later reduced to 500 meters.

This is made possible by a special splinter protection for defusing by the ordnance disposal service.

Overseas containers were stacked on top of each other and heavily loaded with water tanks.

The containers were tied together and placed in a U-shape around the dud to have a barricade in the event of an accident.