Like other sports series, the transfer market for hockey in the NHL is exceptional this year.

Although the free player market opened up last week, a lot of tough players are still unattended.

North American sports media giant ESPN listed the top ten unlimited free players.

The list is Finnish-focused, as three Finnish players are listed in the top five.

Mikael Granlund is second on the list, Erik Haula fourth and Sami Vatanen fifth.

Granlund’s fair-season episode at Nasville Predators was awkward.

As expected, the powers actually came in just one short snippet last winter.

The Predators time had 19 goals and 36 power points in 79 matches.

It is weak in relation to expectations.

Mikael Granlund wrestled last season in a Nashville shirt. Photo: Jason Franson / Zuma / MVPhotos

ESPN writes that a new start is necessary for Granlund and the club that acquires him will reliably get a defensive striker who played just two years ago for a season that battled 0.87 points per match.

It can also be said that 28-year-old Granlund is in the ideal age for a hockey player.

The article evaluates Columbus and Philadelphia as potential new addresses for Granlund.

Haula, who moved from Carolina to Florida in the middle of last season, mentions the season 2017–18, when the Pori banged the powers 29 + 26 = 55.

Injuries have overshadowed the pair for the past season, but Haula’s abilities are still judged in a positive tone.

Erik Haula ended his term as a man of the Florida Panthers.Photo: David Santiago / Zuma / MVPhotos

Haula's former club Vegas Golden Knights has shown interest in the Finn, but the salary cap is causing problems.

Vatanen also changed clubs in the middle of last season when he moved from New Jersey to Carolina.

Due to injury, the defender was only fit for play in the summer playoffs.

Sami Vatanen represented the New Jersey Devils for three seasons. Photo: Daniel Lea / Zuma / MVPhotos

ESPN finds it remarkable that Vatanen is still free.

However, the article mentions that a citizen of Jyväskylä should knock more power points in relation to his role and, on the other hand, defend himself even better.

He will be offered contract offers, but hardly from top teams.

Mike Hoffman last represented Florida at the top of the list.

Third on the list among Finns is veteran Corey Perry, who played in the Stanley Cup finals in Dallas.

The NHL is scheduled to begin in early January, but the corona situation may further delay the start of the season.

There is still plenty of time to make contracts before training camps begin.