Lion legend Timo Jutila and experienced hockey influencer, “Iron Chancellor” Kalervo Kummola are visiting More Steam, Hjallis and Jethro!

in the program.

This is a discussion program hosted by Hjallis Harkimo and Jethro Rostedt.

In the program, Rostedt asks Jutila, among other things, what the term grandmother, which he understood, will be.

The upper grandmother now refers to the top corner of the goal.

Jutila tells Rostedt that the term is by no means an expression he coined.

First it came from the neighbor's boy's mouth.

- Lived in 1997. My son Eero played with three children.

The boy came to tell me that “Dad to the finish line”.

I put it on the end of the beanie, on the quilted outfit and in the hand of the baseball bat and the racket, Jutila recalls.

- The boys played in it then, and Eero fed a guy who shot the puck over there and shouted that “grandmother”.

It became a grandmother, Jutila illustrates in the program while shooting at the top corner of the puck.

Rostedt has shared that snippet from the program on his Instagram account.

Jutila served as captain of Finland's first World Ice Hockey World Cup team in 1995. At the club team level, he is especially remembered for defending Tappara in Tampere.

Jutila has three adult children, of whom Eero, who witnessed the invention of the term grandmother, was born in 1992.

More steam, Hjallis and Jethro!

The latest episode of the discussion program will be presented at Nelonen on Thursday 15.10.

at 7 p.m.

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