A huge uproar broke out in the spring when the state-owned finance company Business Finland distributed EUR 100,000 in Korona grants to companies.

One of the beneficiaries was the Bad Mother Finnish company, which is owned by Sari Helin, the wife of MEP Petri Sarvamaa and their children.

The granting of grants of EUR 100 000 sparked a great deal of debate about the criteria and to whom the grants should be distributed.

Entrepreneur Helin, 51, who received 70,000 euros in development money in his account, now tells Anna how receiving the support resulted in a huge avalanche of anger.

In an interview with the magazine, Helin says that intimidation, sniffing and whipping became commonplace for her.

A card popped out of the mailbox that read “I hope you die slowly at the crown”.

The haters have even come so close that security measures have had to be taken at home, and obscene messages flooded in from various channels.

- It felt like I was under a tsunami.

I didn’t know how to get up.

It was typerryttävää how they ruffian did not know anything about my life and what I've had to go through, Helin opens Annassa.

Helin states in Anna that she was particularly worried about what her 12- and 17-year-olds were reading online.

- One of my children asked me a while ago if all Finns now hate our family.

It is not an uplifting topic of discussion.

According to Anna magazine, Helini was helped to cope with therapy and the support of loved ones.

- You must not be bitter because of the anger you face.

Bitterly ruins his relationship with his loved ones and, above all, with himself.

Therefore, it is necessary to try to forgive, even if it is difficult, Helin summed up the magazine.

Support for business expansion

In the spring, Helin said on its website that Huono Äiti Oy applied for Business Finland's support on 19 March, when companies other than six people could apply for support.

This criterion later changed.

- The precondition for receiving the support was the company's cash register and development project in good condition.

Poor Mom began a cautious expansion of the food business in October last year and launched three chocolate products, Helin wrote in the spring.

  • Bad Mother Finnish company received a huge Korona grant from the state - owner Sari Helin says she is expanding to food: already launched three chocolates

Petri Sarvamaa and Erika Helin at the Castle party last year. Photo: Antti Hämäläinen / IS

Helin said that in October 2019, Bad Mom started a development project aimed at expanding on the food side.

- Support has been granted for this project.

The subsidy amount will be used to purchase product development and design work as services from other companies.

The employment of the restaurant industry and its professionals is at the heart of this development.

The development project extends provincially to areas where employment is not easy.

According to Helin, Bad Mother constantly employs several subcontractors and hourly workers across Finland.

He stressed in the spring that the support will be used to purchase services from other small businesses or provincial businesses.

Helin's husband Petri Sarvamaa, for his part, said on Twitter that he owns nothing about the company and had not heard of the support it had received before it had already been granted.