Film producer Markus Selin, 60, received Betoni-Jussi at the Jussi Gala on Wednesday night.

Betoni-Jussi is a special award given for significant life's work in Finnish cinema.

Selin received huge applause and received the award gratefully.

- Thank you, thank you, thank you, Selin thanked.

- This came from the bush, maybe it's a sign that you have to stop making movies.

I am truly grateful and appreciate this, that you give such an honor for me.

Thank you all, Selin glowed.

The embarrassed Selin told IS that he was really surprised by his victory.

- The feeling is surprised and of course happy.

This came as a real surprise, Selin was amazed.

Photo: Roni Rekomaa

Selin couldn’t name one highlight of his career.

- There are many highlights and I hope that the biggest highlights are yet to come.

The film industry has undergone many changes over the decades, which Selin has also noticed.

- There are now many more factors, and applying for funding is more professional.

There are many new channels through which funding can be obtained.

There are also some adversities that can take place along a long career.

- There have been challenges as well, they have mostly focused on funding and the end result of the film, Selin reflected.

Currently, Selin has many irons on fire.

He said that the films Karalahti and Luokkakousous 3, among others, are currently in the editing stage.

- Pretty nice there are movies coming out.

A little excited about viewer restrictions, that’s how people get into movies.

You just have to live with these, Selin said.

- Korona can also affect the financing of films, because people do not have access to films, Selin admitted.

Photo: Roni Rekomaa

Selin said he was going to celebrate Betoni-Jussi on the home couch.

- I'm going home to read the handcuffs, Selin laughed.

During his long career, Selin has produced dozens of successful films, including Midwife, Purge, Röperi, Evil Land, Matti, Häjyt, Me and Morrison and the Evil Boys.