The lawsuit launched by gaming company Epic Games against Apple and Google in August has already left its strong mark on Epic’s Fortnite game, which is at the center of controversy, Forbes magazine explains.

It quotes gaming analyst Daniel Ahmad, who dug up figures for Fortnite from court documents.

According to Ahmad’s tweet, Fortnite had 116 million players on the iPhone’s iOS platform at the start of the dispute.

Of these, 73 million played Fortnite only on iOS, and not on any other platform on which the game has been released.

Forbes interprets the issue as Epic losing these 73 million players.

It’s hard to know what the truth is, because in principle, users who have already downloaded Fortnite to their devices can continue playing even if the game is no longer available in the official app store.

However, players are dependent on the old version of Fortnite and will not receive the new game and content updates for iOS.

They can only play with each other, which is likely to banish players.

It is also unclear how many players Epic has lost on Android.

Probably less, because for Android, Fortnite can still be downloaded from Epic’s website outside of the official store.

Ahmad also points out that more in-game purchases were made on iOS than on Android.

Epic is arguing with Apple and Google over the 30 percent slice they want when players buy content within Fortnite.

Apple and Google responded by throwing Fortnite out of their stores.

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The lawsuit ruled last week that Apple could not be forced to return the game to its App Store.

On the other hand, the court also ruled that Apple could not punish Epic any further by attacking its Unreal Engine, a game engine used in several games.

This would also cripple games from other publishers, as many use Epic technology in their games.

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It is assumed that a significant proportion of gamers are still Windows users.

According to Statistics Service Statistics, Fortnite had a total of about 350 million registered players in May this year.

Loss of players may also be due in part to a decline in the game's appeal.

The game is over 3 years old.