The makeup selections of cosmetics departments and beauty online stores are teeming with cores, sticks and jars, but what is really worth picking up in the shopping cart?

Makeup artist Tricia Turner has told Purewow which three products she recommends getting and which would leave on the shelf.

Think again: expensive masquerade

According to Turner, expensive doesn’t always mean better - especially in mascaras that stay good for three months after opening.

Since mascara has to be renewed at a fast pace anyway, a cheaper mascara often makes just as good a impression as a more expensive one.

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Consider carefully: colored powder

Colored fixing powders can look cake-like and increase the coverage of an unnecessary layer, Turner says.

If the powder is to be applied to the make-up base, it is advisable to choose a colorless or translucent shade instead of a colored one.

- It is the key product of every make-up artist.

The colorless fixing powder works on all skin tones and creates a natural-looking result.

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Stay away: a powerful cleaning product

Like many other makeup or skin care experts, Turner also recalls how much facial skin suffers if makeup is washed off with too strong a cleanser.

- A large part unknowingly uses cleansers that are too harsh on the skin.

They take away its own fat from the skin and can damage the delicate protective layer of the skin.

In our previous story, Finnish experts advise the right kind of skin cleansing:

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Get at least these

Turner lists three mandatory products that he says should be found in every makeup bag: mascara, mascara and eyebrow pencil.

- I'm talking about quick and easy everyday makeup.

The mask, eyelash curlers and eyebrow pencil can be used to accentuate the eyes brilliantly.

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