In tonight’s First Dating at the Altar episode, four newlywed couples will each return home from their honeymoon.

Next, couples face one of the biggest challenges of a shared journey when there is a move under the same roof ahead and a common routine can begin.

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Ilta-Sanomat's Ruuturaati freshly touched on the events of the episode seen on television tonight.

Journalists Iida Tani and Katri Utula agree that there is room for improvement, especially in the behavior of brides.

Particular attention is again drawn to Kati's constant acknowledgment to her husband Janne.

- Kati seems to be acknowledging Janne's longing for closeness all the time, which is really outrageous.

Don’t acknowledge another if you know the matter is serious and important to him, the Square Jury shakes.

Kati and Janne's initial fever has turned into that Kati dictates and Janne has to be careful what she does.

Are they too different from each other? Photo: Hannu Oikkonen

This time, Mati's wife Mira's behavior also raises question marks in the air.

Like Janne, Mira longs for more intimacy in her relationship and even seems jealous that Matti shares intimacy more with Mira's dog than with Mira herself.

- If Mira is annoyed by the fact that they don't have enough intimacy, then why doesn't she do something about it herself?

Instead, he constantly acknowledges to Mati about small things, the Ruuturaati analyzes.

However, the intervals between the pair are fairly objective.

- Mira has probably looked at all the previous seasons and is now careful with her words.

However, something is burning beneath the surface and the situation is explosive.

Mati and Mira's relationship has started slowly and cautiously. Photo: Sami Tuunanen

What about the situation of Tom and Judith?

Tom's behavior toward Judith has become far more distant and pushy.

Is this the beginning of the end?

The jury also considers the situation of Emma and Tuomas.

Namely, Emma shakes the cameras for Tuomas to suggest that the couple might just be friends.

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Admittedly, that doesn't surprise the Ruuturaat, as Emma herself drives a relationship to ruin by seeing only threats in Tuomas' behavior.

- In a way, Emma knows how to analyze herself and realizes that she has only shown her bad sides.

But why doesn't he do anything about it, but there is still a storm in front of Thomas?

The square jury is wondering.

Look at the Square Jury and let us know what you think about the fate of the couples in the comment field of the discussion section!