A man suspected of murdering a man over the age of 90 has been imprisoned in the Pirkanmaa District Court.

The court made its decision for probable reasons, i.e. the suspect is believed to be later convicted in the case.

The District Attorney of Inland Finland must file a lawsuit no later than April 26.

Investigating Director Jari Kinnunen from the Inland Finland Police does not comment on the case at this stage in any way.

Kinnunen does not say, for example, whether the suspect admits or denies the act.

Kinnunen also does not disclose information related to the motive or manner of action.

- We have had preliminary discussions on the matter, Kinnunen says.

In the past, police have said the perpetrator and the victim were familiar.

The crime was initially investigated as a murder, but the criminal title has become more severe as a result of the investigations.

  • Police investigate a man over the age of 90 on suspicion of a homicide in Mänttä-Vilppula - a man who knew the victim was arrested

The suspect has previously been convicted in Pirkanmaa District Court for a few different crimes.

The most serious of these are aiding and abetting the aggravated assault by a man in Mänttä-Vilppula in July 2011.

The suspect was at that time involved in a group that was recovering debts from a man who lived in Kolho, Vilppula.

The woman, who committed aggravated assault, was sentenced at the time to two years and one month in prison.

The woman had hit the plaintiff several times with a knife in the back of the palm of both hands and later also in the shoulder.

Now the man suspected of murder had held the victim's hands while the woman stabbed him.

At the time of the act, an 18-year-old man was also sentenced to imprisonment at the same time.

The court sentenced the man to one year in prison.

In addition, due to his young age, the man was sentenced to one-year and three-month supervision.