On Tuesday, information and science writer Risto Isomäki received the Lifetime Achievement Award for information disclosure.

Isomäki has published a book a year for the past 25 years, and the main theme of his works is the destruction of the environment and climate change.

Isomäki has written non-fiction, science fiction and novels, among other things.

Films and comics have also been made on the basis of his works.

In 2005, Isomäki's novel The Sand of Sarasvat was nominated for the Finlandia Prize.

Later, Isomäki has received both the science fiction award and the Warelius award for Finnish non-fiction writers.

The Ministry of Education and Culture awarded the prize on the proposal of the Disclosure Advisory Board.

The ministry also awarded seven awards for exemplary disclosure.

The recognition was given to, among others, the online media Long Play and its authors.

The award rationale says that Long Play, founded in 2013, has established itself as a pioneer in in-depth background and fact-based digital journalism.

The prizes received by Isomäki and Long Play Media are worth 20,000 euros.

Other prizes are worth 15,000 euros.

Award-winning slave traders, nature and rap music

Documentary film director, producer and researcher Jouko Aaltonen and Docent of General History Seppo Sivonen for the work Slaves and Masters also received the award.

The non-fiction opens the participation of Swedes and Finns in the slave trade in the Caribbean at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Producer and journalist Fanny Fröman was awarded for his work on Helsingin Sanomat's Children's News.

A non-fiction book on European refugee and asylum policy at the European gates presented the award to Anna-Kaisa Hiltunen, Editor of Research and Research Communications.

Journalist Juha Kauppinen was awarded for his book Diversity, which tells about the decline of Finnish biodiversity.

Marine researcher, non-fiction writer Kai Myrbergin and professor emeritus, non-fiction writer Matti Leppäranta's book The Baltic Sea and Man were awarded as a versatile presentation of the Baltic Sea.

In addition, rap artist Paleface aka Karri Miettinen and author Esa Salminen received thirteen times harder books - a rapper's handbook.

The non-fiction book introducing rap culture is the first guidebook in its field in Finnish.