The 13th production season of the Finnish Auction Emperor will begin on Nelonen on Tuesday.

During the season, you will once again be able to follow the Hirvaskangas auction, the daily life of Aki and Heli Palsanmäki and the crafts of assistant Marku.

According to Nelonen's press release, Palsanmäki will trade with Popeda drummer Lacu Lahtinen, The Voice of Finland winner Markus Salo, media personality Wallu Valpio, Youtube star Miska Haakana, adult entertainment star Henry Saari and singer Meiju Suvas in the coming season.

The program also shows the twists and turns of Palsanmäki's everyday life, which are caused by Heli's do-it-yourself project, which does not please Aki at all.

Namely, Heli is excited to craft shock-resistant phone cases for her spouse with hot glue.

He places the auction emperor’s old cell phone on kitchen paper with the screen facing down and begins to swell the glue on it.

The model in the project is Heli's smartphone, which features beautiful glue shells crafted by assistant Marku.

- I got a terribly good idea in the morning that Aki's cell phone needs protective covers, because it cherishes the old scrap phone and I think it would be good to put protective covers on it, so if it drops to the floor, at least it won't break, Heli explains to the camera.

However, Heli's project doesn't go very well, but he gets a mostly sticky glue on the phone.

When Aki Palsanmäki burrows to the scene and realizes what his wife is up to, he immediately loses his nerve.

- What the hell are you doing here?

There should be phone calls today no matter how much, Aki shakes.

- Yes, it has sounded, but now there is no need to answer, Heli answers.

- Stop it!

That breaks, Aki is horrified.

Heli introduces her husband to the shells crafted by Mark, but they don’t impress Aki, as he doesn’t think his wife can do the same.

- It may not have been the phone underneath when it built the covers, Aki says humbly.

- The phone is broken.

It can’t make a call, it can’t send a text message, there are over 700 numbers in memory, he passes.

Heli comforts her husband and says that now the phone can withstand shocks after all.

- It is wisest that Markku makes the shells, and this is not even shockproof, Aki bangs and throws his phone on the floor while he leaves to pound.

However, Heli is happy with her work, as she believes the phone would surely have broken if Aki had thrown it in the corner if there hadn’t been a shell.

On the other hand, the phone would also not have been glued to kitchen paper and the covers might not have been used at all.

- If I hadn't done them, it probably wouldn't have been nervous and thrown it on the ground ... Heli ponders.

The Finnish Auction Emperor Nelonen on Tuesdays at 8 p.m.